Thursday, August 7, 2014

L.U.C.Y. (Or As I’d like to call it: EPAL)

So we got free tickets for the movie LUCY, (forgive the director of this film, the title is not self-explanatory) starring Scarlett J. and Morgan Freeman.  Anyways, to give you some idea what this movie is all about; I’ll dish out some tidbits, here’s the story so far… (Spoiler alert!)

When drug mule Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) by accident gets a good dose of what she is transporting into her system, she suddenly acquires superhuman strength and fighting know-how. She also gains a whole heap of other neat tricks: she's able to absorb knowledge instantaneously, is unable to feel pain and can move objects with her mind.”

I got a bit excited about this and googled if the film received favorable reviews from moviegoers and critics. The film did collect rave reviews from different movie experts and they all agree that Lucy is worth your dough. 

This info got me all wired up. I was really looking forward on watching it. But in the end, we weren't able to watch the film. Some of us can’t make it because of work related concerns and I don’t want to go if they can’t. 

We decided to hide our disappointment by taking photos and we just laughed and said to ourselves, EPAL ka LUCY! Hahahhaa. In the end, I got home really early and had a meaningful evening run.  =D

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