Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In My Mailbox #52: Great Deals!

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by  The Story Siren.

Hey guys! How's it going? IMM time people! Excited to be posting these books for y'all to see!

I got this book by Ace Collins entitled Sticks and Stones, I normally don’t read these kinds of books, as I tend to read fiction, but I was intrigued by the topics that this book presented on how to use our everyday words as a positive force.

Demonglass was on sale on a fave bookshop of mine so that was a snag! I’ve read the first book and enjoyed it very much, need to have this one too, it’s only fair right? Hmm. Need to scout for Spellbound, the 3rd&final book in the Hex Hall series.

Brad Meltzer is an author that I've been seeing for so many years now and I haven't read any of his books. When I saw these two titles, it was marked down into a very affordable price; I didn't think twice and bought it immediately. Excited to read these.

Altar of Bones sounds like my kind of thriller and after reading the synopsis, I instantly fell in tune with the story, espionage, action-packed chase and twists and turns will surely keep me up all night reading this book.

And lastly, the book that is very important to everyone who is looking for work, "Preparing for a Winning Interview". Hmm. Why did I bought this? I think I need to be prepared with the unexpected.

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