Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review: Vince's Life by Vince Teves

I would like to thank Ms. Jieneb for giving me these books. She was very nice to me. How do I come about these books? Well, I think I'm lucky, let's leave it at that... Time for my book review, this time around, the book that I'm reviewing is from a Filipino author, I've never done this before, I rarely, almost never, read a local book. It's just not my thing. I have nothing against local writers, I think they're awesome! Never met one in person, but they're still cool! Wanted to be an author myself, but I know my limits. Reality bites, therefore, I consider myself a reader and not a writer.  Okay, let's go back to my review. At first, I was a bit apprehensive if I wanted to review these books, much more accept them. I was afraid of giving a bad review. But they told me (the publishing house) that I should do an honest opinion of the books, so here goes nothing...

Book 1: Vince's Life. Okay, I didn't love this book that much.  Well, one thing is for sure, this book is all about Andrea, I think there isn't a page on it that Andrea wasn't mentioned. It's all about her and how Vince loved her all his life. The book started off weak for me, there were too many things going around, I can't find the story, I can't seem to grasp what the author wants the reader to understand. I was so confused with so many characters, I did like Connie and Spider though, and they seem real enough for me. Maybe because the book is like a diary itself. It's too fast-paced for me, I struggle to keep up with it, and I don't like it when I struggle. I get bored and lose interest altogether. The good news is that I admire the character of Vince, he is really devoted and so much head over heels in love with Andrea, I guess we sometimes do crazy things when it comes to love. Vince's Life could've been a better book for me if the author had given the characters more depth. For a first novel, it's not that bad, needs a bit of polish but the important thing is that I managed to finish it. So maybe it's not that bad after all. 

The Next Chapter: Getting Over Andrea, book 2, on the other hand redeemed itself! I like the structure of this one and the story line is just alright. I can relate to Vince's character in this book, being the new guy at work, trying to test the waters, and finding out how you can "belong" with your other co-workers and basically getting a foothold with your new surroundings, well, that's what happened to me before. I like Emilio and Ramon's characters, they're cool, and the elevator prank was just awesome! I think I'll try that on my office mates one of these days. The boss and the three hot girls also made the book interesting. I think Cat and I will hit it off since I love to read so much!

It's true what Vince said about how rare he encounters other people who loves to read, in my family, I think I'm the only one who likes to read. And it's frustrating not to have someone to share your passion. I occasionally accosted people I don't know numerous times now, if I see them reading a book that I've read before, I try and engage them into a conversation, that's how crazy I am! Lucky me because they all agreed to talk to me. I feel this excitement whenever I talk to someone regarding my books. It lifts me up! Book 3 is the best of the lot. The maturity of the characters are well placed and executed in this book and to wrap it all up, this trilogy should be on your shelf, if you want to cheer for a character, Vince is right on the dot. He'll take you to his journey of love, betrayal, sacrifice and happiness...
My Rating: 3 Stars

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