Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cover Story #1: Clip Lights

And There Was Light...

I'm so happy to have received clip lights for my books! Yeah. Clip lights. Because there are four of them! Not only that, it comes with eight extra batteries! Isn't that cool or what?!! I find it hard to read during the evenings and it's only because of the poor lighting we have in our house. I like to read while lying in bed and at night because the minimal noise that is present during nighttime. These clip lights couldn't have arrived at a better time. I was planning on getting these before Christmas, I've read a post from a fellow book blogger who apparently featured his own clip lights and how all of us book worms should have one. His clips were so much better than mine but I'm not complaining with what I have now. Hehehe.

I'm amazed with the thinking brain of us human beings, the inventions we have created to better our lives. I know that these light clips aren't one of those huge inventions from so many important ones, but nevertheless it is still awesome! I can still remember the times wherein I was forced to use a flashlight to read during the night. I bunk in with my cousins before and we sleep side by side, the problem was that I can't read because the lights would have to be on to do that and I like reading while lying in bed so that was a bit of a problem on my part. My cousins on the other hand won't be able to get some sleep if the lights are on coz I'm reading. I can't read anywhere else in the house. Well, the bathroom sounds good but I can't stand the smell hehehe. Okay, I'll stop my babbling. Talking nonsense again!

I would like to say thank you to my Tito Val, he couldn't have given me a more meaningful gift! Thanks so much!

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