Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: Mary, Mary by James Patterson

Alex Cross travels to Hollywood to hunt for a brutal killer in his most terrifying case yet. FBI Agent Alex Cross is on vacation with his family in Disneyland when he gets a call from the Director. A well-known actress was shot outside her home in Beverly Hills. Shortly afterward, an editor for the Los Angeles Times receives an e-mail describing the murder in vivid details. Alex quickly learns that this is not an isolated incident. The killer, known as Mary Smith, has done this before and plans to kill again. Right from the beginning, this case is like nothing Alex has ever been confronted with before. Is this the plan of an obsessed fan or a spurned actor, or is it part of something much more frightening? Now members of Hollywood's A-list fear they're next on Mary's list, and the case grows by blockbuster proportions as the LAPD and FBI scramble to find a pattern before Mary can send one more chilling update. Filled with the ruthless and shocking twists that make his fans hunger for more, Mary, Mary is James Patterson's most sophisticated thriller yet.

I can say that Alex Cross is now officially one of my favourite fictional characters amongst the others that I like. Let's see, there's another Alex from the Alex Delaware series of books by Jonathan Kellerman and also there's Grayson Pierce from the Sigma Series and many male characters that I really look up to when it comes to their strong personalities and how they possess the unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger. Having said that, let us now turn to my book review. Alex Cross faces a formidable villain in this book and her name is Mary Smith. This bit of information struck a different cord to my senses. I'm used to reading books with mostly male killers and seldom women. I'm not saying that women can't be murderers too, (did that came out right?) it's just that men dominates the horror or crime genre, Jason, Freddy Krueger and Hannibal Lecter to name a few.

Anyways, Alex is on vacation and he just wants to spend quality time with his family, it's been a long time since he has done this time-off from his stressful work and the kids really want to have his full attention on this getaway. It's very rare for their father to have time for them. No work for the time being, well, at least that's their goal. Everything is going alright according to plan until Alex receives a distress phone call from one of his superiors informing him of a new assignment. Alex was livid; he didn't want to jeopardize this rare opportunity to spend time with his kids. He turned down the task presented to him and gave a firm "not this time" to his boss. (I wish I had the guts to say no to my boss like Alex!) Unfortunately the cop in him wanted to help the victims so he accepted the job reluctantly. Someone, he can't be sure if it's a male or female, is murdering celebrities one by one. The sick part of these gruesome murders is that the killer sends email messages that describe the actual killing to a member of the press. How psychotic is that? Alex, along with the help of the police force navigates their way to Hollywood’s' elite to catch this celebrity killer. This is one of the most bizarre and ever changing murder cases that Alex has handled. The rest is for you to find out. I was very satisfied with the ending, which is very important...

I like the growth of Alex’s character in this book, he's dating again and I think it's about time. It's been a while since the death of his wife and it's high time he move on. I can't wait to read Cross, the next book in the series.

I end this review, I'd like to share with you a few words from the book that I really like, here it is: "Kayla believes that people who are habitually late don't have respect for others--or at least, for clocks." I pride myself for being on time when I have a meeting or anything to do with meeting someone. I think people who don't respect other people's time are jerks! They should be taught to appreciate the value of time...

My Rating: 4 ½ Stars

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