Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mini Reviews: The Templar Legacy and The Paris Vendetta by Steve Berry

The Templar Legacy and The Paris Vendetta by Steve Berry

As much as I want to like these two books, it came out as a surprise that I was bored and couldn’t tell why that is. I’ve enjoyed The Amber Room and The Third Secret; I think they’re among the best thrillers I’ve read so I was really excited to start a new adventure from Steve. The Templar Legacy started off good but as the pages flew by, the momentum got lost amidst long explanations about the historical side of the story, I mean, it's okay to teach us about these facts but if it's too long, it gets really annoying. It feels like the story is going nowhere and I easily get frustrated when this happens. Steve is a great writer, there's no doubt about that, but he could have culled anything that wasn't necessary from these two books. 

Same with The Paris Vendetta, it started with a bang, a big one, but then, when it seems like everything is falling into place, the flow of the story spiraled out of control and I feel like so many historical inputs wasn't actually helpful to make the story more entertaining. I think I’ll be reading a stand-alone novel next time I purchase a Steve Berry title, the Cotton Malone series doesn’t seem to work for me. 

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