Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mini Reviews: The Manny, Prey and Milk and Honey

The Manny by Holly Peterson 
The title of this book first caught my attention. The Manny? What does it mean? I later found out that it was the male version of the usual nanny. Right there and then I knew that I would like this book. The Manny was hilarious and I love the lead character, Jamie Whitfield. She kind of reminds me of Carrie of Sex and the City, she’s a married woman and have kids and living on a posh house with her husband. Now, here’s the dilemma, she works almost non-stop and her husband works more than her and they leave the kids to a nanny, but Dylan, her nine-year-old son, needs a father figure and a nanny can’t possibly give him the attention he needs, like shoot some hoops, watch basketball and other stuff that a son and a father would do. It’s funny to me that this kind of problem has a perfect solution, I know, I can’t believe a Manny really exist! These kinds of people really disappoint me; they’d rather hire a Manny than make quality time with their kids. This kind of situation really happens to rich people and for me it’s a sad thing. Overall, the book for me was a page-turner, there are some lessons that you can take away from this book. 

 Prey by Michael Crichton 
An awesome read! This is my first take on a Michael Crichton novel and boy it was a blast! The premise of this book is a bit on the nanotechnology side, small particles that makes a swarm like bees, but in this case, they’re like micro robots that escaped a secured facility in the Nevada desert. These micro robots seemed to evolve in each passing day they’re out in the environment and looks like it can adapt to its surroundings. It is lethal and will do everything to survive. Michael writes with precision like a doctor in an operating table, he describes his characters with strong conviction and as a reader I was captivated with all of them. There was suspense, a bit of a family drama thrown in for good measure and the reality that technology someday could truly be on our disadvantage and we should be vigilant about that. Prey was a thriller a minute ride! Enjoyed it immensely!

 Milk and Honey by Faye Kellerman 
It’s been a while since my last Faye Kellerman novel. I started reading the Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus novels when I was still in college and I really enjoyed every single one of them. Faye Kellerman is a superb writer and she incorporates the family aspects to each of her novels which I really like, you tend to see that these characters aren’t all about solving crimes and catching murderers, they also have a family to support them and I think that’s really important. Milk and Honey has two major plotlines, Milk represents the toddler that Peter Decker saw all alone in the dark, and the toddler was covered in what seemed to be blood. Decker was appalled by this and immediately started an investigation that leads him to a honey bee farm, hence Honey on the title. The story was okay. It’s Kellerman’s style to mislead the readers into thinking that they know who did the killings but actually they really have no idea until the very end. Loved this one and I highly recommend for you to check it out.

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