Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cover Story

When I first heard about the world of blogging, it was my friend who gave me the idea to create a blog and he explained to me that blogging is like having your own newspaper and I can write and do anything on my blog. He persuaded me to set up one (he has a big influence in my decision-making process hehehe).  He very well know how much I love to read so getting topics to post on my upcoming blog doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out. Book reviews of course! I was sceptical and a bit nervous at the same time. I've read loads of books way back when I was still in high school and each book has their own special place in my brain, whatever that means! I mean, I can still remember bits and pieces of the stories I've read. So when I started blogging, in my mind, all my posts will be strictly book-related topics but throughout the months that have passed, I started to post personal articles on my blog and I kinda liked it. I also struggled whether what language I should use on my blog, should I use Tagalog or English or both? I know for a fact that I'm not fluent or very good in English but I can write and express my feelings effectively when I use this language. I know that my grammar needs a bit of polishing but the most important thing for me is that my readers don't point that out, as long as they can understand what I want to say is enough for me. It's also a plus that the more I use this language, the more I learn about it.

I also wanted to reach more readers and bloggers around the world. Actually I've met new blogger friends and almost all of them are foreigners. I have a friend in Brazil and in America. We all know that English is the universal language and that solidified my decision to write posts in English. Some people might raise their eyebrows and criticize this blog but I couldn't care less, really, this is my blog and I can very well do what I want with it! Okay enough about that, I'd like to post more personal topics on this blog and to do that I created this new meme. Cover Story is a meme here at BookableReads wherein I select any book cover and interpret the cover art with my own personal experiences and what's going on in my life right now. I'm very excited about this new meme! Stay tuned for my very first Cover Story!

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