Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mini Reviews: The Women's Murder Club by James Patterson (Books 7, 8 & 10)

7th Heaven was exceptional. I won’t get tired of praising this wonderful series. Things started off with a bang for the Women’s Murder Club, it seems like an arsonist has a vengeful vendetta on wealthy people and setting their houses on fire is a way to get back on them. Lindsay is baffled with this case, there seems to be no motive as to why the arsonist wanted to burn down half the city into ashes. She is already on fire with her personal life, she can’t decide what her feelings for Rich and Joe are and she is caught between the two of them. They both have a hold on her heart and every day is a struggle to determine which one she truly loves. She’s disgusted with herself when she thought of Rich while making love with Joe. That only added confusion to her already confused heart. Yuki on the other hand shared Lindsay’s predicament with men, having met Jason Twilly, she was almost absolutely sure that they have a future together, but it turned out that he was a total psycho and was arrested by the police when he tried to force Yuki to have sex. I’m sad that Yuki hasn’t able to find a guy that will really appreciate and cherish her. She’s an amazing person. Claire and Cindy both played supporting roles in this book but I know that they will have their own stories to tell in the next installment. A superb and must read!

Lindsay has finally moved in with Joe and she really is happy that they’ve taken their relationship to the next level. Although it’s a big adjustment for her, she wants to connect with Joe in a different way and living with him is the best step to do it. Meanwhile, Cindy is having her own love affair and it is with Rich! I was really surprised that these two will hit it off. Yes, there are signs that the attraction is palpable between them and eventually they will hook up but Cindy is one of Lindsay’s closest girlfriends and I think it’s weird that Rich and Cindy are together when something special happened between Lindsay and Rich, they kissed. Well, all is fair in love and war, right? On the other hand, Yuki is trying to send Stacey Glenn to prison for bludgeoning her parents to death, it seems like through her parents’ death, she’ll inherit a large amount of cash in the process, it’s a very sensitive case and Yuki is determine to solve it. Filled with twists and surprises, snake bites and a love triangle relationship, a false prophet and heartache, this book is sure to satisfy your reading appetite.

Lindsay finally tied the knot! She is now married to Joe! I’ve been reading these books non-stop and it was hard not to get involved with these characters’ lives. It’s like I know them personally. Well, it’s about time that Lindsay finally said yes to Joe. They’re perfect for each other (I was wishing that she would end up with Rich, they have this chemistry and it’s so hard to ignore). Meanwhile, Yuki Castellano is prosecuting a heart surgeon who apparently shot her husband in front of her kids, she also started to date Lindsay’s boss, Jackson Brady.  Cindy on the other hand is working on a case which involves rape victims; these victims are drugged and violated. She and Rich got engaged! I’m excited what will happen next to these characters’ lives and I hope James will continue to write the series for a very long time. 

My Rating: 5 Stars

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Marj said...

I enjoyed reading the Women's Murder Club too! I think the books were made into a TV series but were discontinued. =( I haven't read the rest after the seventh though. Wala pang pera pambili, hehe!

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