Friday, October 12, 2012

Mini Reviews: True Blue, Viola: In Reel Life and Gender Blender

True Blue by David Baldacci

This thriller is one of the best I’ve ever read. The story was so good! Beth and Mace are two powerful characters and I want them for sisters! What I like especially about these book is how David kept me interested in reading True Blue, there wasn’t a dull moment on it, and it’s just pure awesomeness from start to finish. Balisong, a handmade Filipino blade, was also mentioned in this book, I was happy that one of our products are featured in an international novel, it’s so cool! All in all, True Blue for me is a rare gem and I hope Beth and Mace will have a follow up adventure soon.

Viola: In Reel Life by Adriana Trigiani

This is a young adult book about Viola, a student on a new school, there’s nothing new for me about the story, it’s a girl trying to fit in on a new crowd, she wants to belong and although she’s a bit shy and aloof, she eventually finds herself a group of friends that she can relate to. 

She loves film making and that’s her outlet when she’s stressed out or having problems with her life. Hmm, an okay book. Nothing really special about it.

Gender Blender by Blake Nelson

This  book kinda reminds me of Freaky Friday, wherein Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan switched bodies and they were trapped for a period of time. The lesson of this novel is how you learn the other person’s life by experiencing it first-hand. 

The book was okay, I guess I enjoyed it a bit; it was a quick and easy read for me. The characters were believable enough and I think the author wanted to convey that each and every one of us is different and that we shouldn’t judge what we see on the outside. 


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