Friday, August 3, 2012

Mini Reviews: The Women's Murder Club by James Patterson (Books 4-6)

4th of July was one nasty book! To start things off, Lindsay finds herself in a prickly situation this time. While on patrol and cruising the streets of San Francisco, she and her former partner Jacobi, pulled over a suspected runaway vehicle. They were surprised to see that two children were behind the wheels. Lindsay, ever by the book cop, asked these kids to get out of the car because one of them seemed to be injured. All of a sudden, without provocation, all hell breaks loose. The kids opened fire, Jacobi instantly got hit while Lindsay barely escaped with her life, she returned fire and that’s when one of the kids got killed. All of this happened in a matter of minutes. I was really shocked about what had transpired. I was thinking, like, this could be very bad for Lindsay. She killed a freakin’ kid! She goes to court to battle her plea of not guilty. With the help of a new DA, Yuki Castellano, Lindsay won. Yuki replaced Jill’s place on the Women’s Murder Club. The book was a page-turner, no doubt about that.

Let’s now turn on The 5th Horseman, one of the best books in this series; Yuki’s mother played a very important role in this book. James wanted to throw in as much personal stories from each of the members of the Women’s Murder Club, and this time around it’s Yuki’s mother, Keiko. Yuki and her mom are very close. She respect and idolizes her so much. They’re two peas in a same pod. Things got dangerous when Yuki’s mom was admitted to the hospital with a bad reputation. Apparently, this particular hospital has patients who’ve died of unknown and suspicious circumstances. Yuki didn’t believe all of these cock and bull story that’s going around outside the hospital, she just wanted her mother to get better, soon. So she brushed aside all of these nasty rumours and opted to stay. If she had known that her mother will die on that hospital, she would’ve pack up their bags and left immediately. With the death of Keiko, Yuki wanted to know the real story behind the deaths of these patients; she enlisted the help of the Women’s Murder Club.

The 6th Target. Wow. This series is a very good one. I mean, I don’t get tired of reading them. I often wonder what an author must do to write a book that will keep his/her readers interested in them. I guess it takes a lot of imagination, yeah, that must be it. The 6th Target was a disturbing book for me. A killer is on the loose and is murdering beautiful women and dressing them up as if they’re mannequins. Crazy stuff right? Who would do such a thing? Lindsay and the rest of The Women’s Murder Club is trying to figure that out. Amidst all these heinous crimes that seem to pop out like mushrooms every day, Lindsay’s best friend, Claire, was shot by a man while having a family cruise. Lindsay was devastated by this and bowed to apprehend Claire’s shooter. A fast paced novel that will surely leave you wanting for more. These three books are highly recommended for those who love mystery and detective stories!

My Rating: 5 Stars

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