Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review: Think Twice by Lisa Scottoline

Is evil born or bred? This is the question Bennie Rosato must answer after her twin sister, Alice Connolly, drugs her and leaves for dead, buried underground in a remote field.As Alice slips easily into Bennie's life, doing her job, interacting with her friends, seducing her boyfriend, she never counts on the fact that Bennie is tougher than she seems. And that, against all odds, Bennie will escape.But escaping is only the first challenge. Alice's sociopathic lies are so believable that she has everyone convinced that she is Bennie, and Bennie is her deranged twin sister Alice. As Bennie descends further into Alice's life, she starts to feel the pull of evil herself. As the clock ticks and Alice gets closer to her ultimate goal, Bennie must face the shocking truth that she is perhaps more like Alice than she ever realized.


After reading the blurb of this book, it made me think twice, will I buy this book? The story seems far fetched and twins aren't my cup of tea, I ended up buying it anyway.I really liked the cover, it's so mysterious. I know that this book is part of a series, but after reading it, I can say that I don't regret not reading the previous books. This comment is in a good way, by the way. The book is like a stand-alone novel, even if you didn't read the entire series, Lisa managed to summarize all that you need to know about the events that precedes Think Twice. Think Twice is basically a good vs. evil kinda novel. When I was reading this book, I can't help but remember the twins of Sweet Valley High, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. Haha. I know, it's a bit old school, but these two were very well-known during the 80's era. Anyways, these two is very different from Bennie and Alice. 

The Sweet Valley twins are like, totally close to one another and they grew up living in the same house so that's a real relationship. Bennie and Alice has a different take on being sisters. For example, Alice stole Bennie's identity and she buried her alive! Alice then concocted a plan to steal Bennie's money and disappear. What the heck right? There are some unrealistic parts in the book, like, how come the people who are close to Bennie wasn't able to tell that she's not Bennie, but Alice posing as her? But I totally loved this book, totally. Lisa added loads of twist and turns and that only made this book so hard to put down. And in that note, grab a copy and read Think Twice!

My Rating: 4 Stars

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