Friday, November 25, 2011

2011 Christmas Book Wish List!!!

To my friends and family,
Advance Happy Christmas to all of you! This year all I ever want is to get these books as Christmas gifts. Hehehe. So if any of you are kind enough to fulfill any of these wishes, I'll be forever grateful. 

 The Christmas Book Wish List

2. Armageddon's Children by Terry Brooks ( wish granted by ________________)
3. The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks ( wish granted by ____________________
5. Hangman by Faye Kellerman ( wish granted by _________________________)
7. Divergent by Veronica Roth ( wish granted by __________________________)
8. Plague by Michael Grant ( wish granted by _____________________________)
9. Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles ( wish granted by ___________________)
10. Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen( wish granted by _____________________)

Granted Books:
4. The Doomsday Key by James Rollins ( wish granted by Anne Prieto, my dearest sister!
6. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins ( wish granted by Raila Soares, a dear friend and fellow blogger from Brazil!) 
1. The Confession by John Grisham ( wish granted by me! A gift for myself! )

Thanks and I hope to hear from you all soon! Email me at if you want to give me a certain book of your choice! Then I will put your name on this post so we will know all the books that have already been filled! GOD bless!  :-)


Lah @ Lazy Girl Reads said...

Cool idea!! Hunger Games is the best!

Lah @ LazyGirl Reads

Armand Sedai said...

Fine Selection!

Terry Brook's "Armageddon's Children" is on me, okay.

I'm scouring NBS near my location for it. I hope you're okay with MassMarketPaperbacks

Ruperto Prieto said...

@Armand Sedai: What?! But I simply can't accept Armand. I mean, nakakahiya naman. Hehehehe. The reason I haven't read Armageddon's Children is that, I think the book isn't about the world of Shannara.So I'm a bit reluctant to read it...I love mass market, very easy to carry around. hehehe. pero ayaw! nakakhiya thanks na lang hehehe! really appreciate it! =)

Armand Sedai said...

AAAWWW... Well, that is perfectly fine... di bale, wala pa naman akong nahahanap eh. I read this myself, we got in in our bookshelf, & it's fantastic. Of course, SHANNARA & Terry Brooks fan ako, eh. I hope you'd read this in the future. The Genesis Of SHANNARA (which "Armageddon's Children" is part of) was written as the 1st sequence of the SHANNARA Series of Books. The ultimate prequel. So you should place it on your Reading List...

But you just broke my heart Rupert! HAHAH! I'm sure you know the joy we always have of sharing books to others. That's something I always do... It's a tradition. U know what I'm saying... U make an effort to a fellow Book-Nerd...


I'll tell you this though: I'll be watching out for the REVIEW you'll make for James Rollins' "The Doomsday Key"... I read it myself (a la adventures of Robert Langdon) and I'm a fan too. This one is exhilarating like the rest of his books are. I'm sure you know, as you've read almost all of his novels...


Ruperto Prieto said...

Hi Armand! I will read these books in the not so distant future hehehe. I love Terry Brooks! I started reading the original Shannara series when I was in college. After reading The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, I wanted to try some of the fantasy books out there and compare them to The Lord of the Rings. I must say that I like Terry Brooks than Goodkind, but they are both very good authors. I got addicted to the world of Shannara and all the places (Paranor, Shady Vale, and many others) they're all places that someday I want to visit (like that will happen, I hope a movie adaptation will FINALLY happen!) Brooks's writing style, I think is more on the fantasy line (elves, trolls, wizards, witches) that's why I admire his works, he creates different characters with such strong and likable attributes ( Khyber Elessedil, Flick, Rue Meridian, and many others.) And I know that you already know, that Terry will release a new SHANNARA trilogy next year!
From Terry's Website:

"The Wards of Faerie, Book I in the Legacy of Shannara series, will be published in August 2012. It is the story set 100 years after the events of the High Druid of Shannara trilogy, where the people of the Four Lands have become largely distrusting of magic after the failed Third Council of Druids. But when a Druid stumbles upon information that might lead to the re-discovery of the lost Elfstones of Faerie, Ard Rhys of Paranor Khyber Elessedil must decide to undertake the most dangerous of missions to acquire them—at all costs.

To celebrate next year’s release of The Wards of Faerie, Terry and Del Rey Books are doing something really special for one reason: Terry has gotten ahead of his publishing schedule. He has been finished with The Wards of Faerie for almost a year and he is finishing its sequel in October. That means he is two full years ahead of schedule with his writing. As a way to celebrate the 35th publication anniversary of The Sword of Shannara and to give his fans a huge thank you for reading him all of those years, Terry and Del Rey Books have agreed to publish the three books in the Legacy of Shannara series in six month increments beginning August 2012!

That means fans will be able to read the entirety of the Legacy of Shannara trilogy in the span of a year—August 2012 (The Wards of Faerie), March 2013 (Book II), and August 2013 (Book III) respectively!

But that’s not all. Del Rey Books has agreed to make The Wards of Faerie a very special publication in its own right. Here are the highlights:

Interior color artwork for the first time since publication of The Sword of Shannara
A new two-page map of the Four Lands and beyond by Russ Charpentier
Detailed schematics of Paranor

OH MY GOSH!!! Ahahaha. Sana August na, it would be swell to go back to the world of Shannara! I can't wait!

James Rollins is genius. Yun lang. Sobrang galing ng author na ito. It's like watching a movie. Very detailed and the action is relentless.Galing.Super.Yung Jake Ransom di ko pa na-try and yung books nya na fantasy,sana mabasa ko lahat, hehehe. Again, thanks Armand! I really appreciate you dropping by every now and then to say hi. God Bless and Happy holidays to you and your family!!!! =)

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