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Review: Hold Tight by Harlan Coben

Parents have an inborn right to get worried, so it seemed reasonable that after a suicide at their son's school, Tia and Mike Baye would secretly insert spyware into his home computer. For the first several days, their furtive surveillance uncovers nothing alarming, or at least nothing completely unexpected on the PC of a rambunctious 16-year-old boy. Then, just as the Baye's worries begin to ease, their world is jolted by a single cryptic six-word message: "Just stay quiet and all safe." When Adams goes missing, full-throttle terror enters their lives. A whodunit ripped from every parent's worst fear.
Hold Tight is a signature Harlan Coben novel. From start to finish, this book kept me reading late at night. I just want to finish it a.s.a.p. and learn what happened the night Spencer died! That's the trick, I guess, keep the readers' interested up to the last page and that's what it did to me.

This book is perfect for parents out there who would do anything to protect their children, even if sometimes they have to turn the other cheek and give in to mistakes that will eventually bite them in the ass. 

But honestly, our family is the most important thing to all of us, right? I can't see myself losing any of my parents or even my sister or my relatives. It's just so hard to make a decision that will affect greatly on their lives. Hold Tight is all about decisions, very hard choices and never ending questions regarding family and what lies beneath the surface....

Lastly, I'd like to share something to all of you. I've unearthed this post from Harlan's blog:
So yesterday I visited my publisher in New York City to sign copies of HOLD TIGHT for my wonderful sales force and for bookstores who special ordered them. I walked into the room, pen akimbo– and the table of books you see here was what greeted me. “Wow,” I said, taking the above photo with my phone. “Oh that’s only about half of them.”

A Stack of HOLD TIGHT at Harlan's Publisher's Office

I sat down and got to work. As I came upon my second hour of signing, someone asked, as someone inevitably does, “Isn’t your hand getting sore?” The honest answer: NO. My hand only gets sore when NO ONE wants me to sign a book. I still remember my early days, sitting in some Waldenbooks at a mall, no one approaching me, trying to look busy, playing with my pen, straightening out my untouched pile of bookmarks, feeling something like the authorial equivalent to a poster child (”You can buy his book…or you can turn the page…”). Now I’m supposed to complain because too many people want me to sign their books??? Forget it. I’m a lucky man. I get to write books and tell stories for a living. You the reader trust me enough to give me that opportunity. I can’t wait for you to get HOLD TIGHT. I can’t wait to receive those emails complaining that I kept you up too late or that you couldn’t put the book down or that maybe what happens to Mike and Tia and Adam and Betsy and Dante and Joe and all the rest moved you and made you think and stirred your heart. And if I see you on the road – my full tour schedule is on the myspace page or harlancoben.com – I will be thrilled to sign your book. And when I do, you will know that my hand feels just fine. Best, Harlan Coben
That's just an endearing message. I admire Harlan and his genuine gratitude to his readers... Two thumbs up for him!

My Rating: 4 ½ Stars


Jennifer | Book Den said...

That is such a lovely message from Harlan Coben! Good for him!

My entire family reads Harlan Coben, and I have yet to read a single one. I'm going to make it a personal goal for next year to read one. I'll probably start with Tell No One. Have you read it? Is that a good place to start?

Lah @ Lazy Girl Reads said...

Wow that is so awesome!!! I have GOT to read this book immediately. I'm going to see if I can get it some time this week. I know I will like it!!

Lah @ LazyGirl Reads

Ruperto Prieto said...

@Jennifer: Hi Ms. Jen! Wow! I love your family already! :-) Harlan is a fantastic author. I hope you can read him next year. Yes, Tell No One is a terrific book to start. I hope you'll like it as much as I did! :-)

Ruperto Prieto said...

@Lah: Hi Lah! So good of you to drop by! Yes, you should definitely read one of Harlan's book, you should read The Innocent, it's a brilliant book! :-)

Hilda said...

Hii, I'm a new Follower, great blog! You've got some awesome reviews up, looking forward to reading more. Your book choices remind me of my brother, who was actually who motivated me to read :) Cheers!

Ruperto Prieto said...

@Hilda: Thanks so much! I hope you can drop by again and feel free to read all there is to know about this blog! :-)

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