Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review: Supreme Justice by Phillip Margolin

Sarah Woodruff, on death row in Oregon for murdering her lover, John Finley, has appealed her case to the Supreme Court just when a prominent justice resigns, leaving a vacancy.Then, for no apparent reason, another justice is mysteriously attacked. Dana Cutler—one of the heroes from Margolin's bestselling Executive Privilege—is quietly called in to investigate. She looks for links between the Woodruff appeal and the ominous incidents in the justices' chambers, which eventually lead her to a shoot-out that took place years ago on a small freighter docked upriver in Shelby, Oregon, containing a dead crew and illegal drugs. The only survivor on board? John Finley.With the help of Brad Miller and Keith Evans, Dana uncovers a plot by a rogue element in the American intelligence community involving the president's nominee to the Supreme Court, and soon the trio is thrown back into the grips of a deadly, executive danger.


This book introduced me to the world of court justices, lawyers, the jury, political madness and anything that constitutes all there is to know about the supreme court. As I've said before, I hate politics. But this one made me want to hate it more. I must applaud Phillip though, he did a fantastic job on this book. He vividly captured my imagination and I thoroughly enjoyed Supreme Justice. The only problem I had with this one is that there were so many characters! I wrote them all down ( I do this a lot, you know, I write down all the names of the characters in the book, I do this to keep track of the story, I have work so I can't read all the time and sometimes I forget the characters completely.)

Supreme Justice has it all, a plot so twisted it will make your head spin, loads of characters to hate and love, and the ending so unpredictable, I didn't even doubt for a minute that it'll knock me off my feet. Wow, these are strong words to contemplate. But they are all true.

I especially like one character in this book, Brad Miller. What an interesting guy! He's clerking for Justice Moss, one of the Justices', Brad is fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect his loved ones. I kinda think I'm like him. Actually, I see myself in him. And in that note, get a copy and read your eyes out!

My Rating: 4 ½ Stars

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