Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: Simple Genius by David Baldacci


Former secret service agents turned private investigators Sean King and Michelle Maxwell have seen their lives splinter around them. Michelle lies unconscious ina hospital bed after a night of suicidal violence. And Sean is forced to take on a thankless investigation into the mutder of a scientist just inside the CIA's razor-wire fence near Williamsburg, Virginia. Soon he is uncovering layer after layer of disinformation that shields a stunning world filled with elite mathematics, physicists, war heroes, spies, and deadly field agents. Amid more murder, a seemingly autistic girl's extraordinary genius, and a powerful breakthrough in the realm of classified codes, Sean soon learns enough to put his life at risk. Now more than ever, he needs Michelle—at her best—to help stop a conspiracy of traitors operating in the shadow of the White House itself.

I greatly enjoyed reading Split Second, the first book which introduces Michelle Maxwell and Sean King. And no surprises here that Simple Genius is loads better than the first book. In this book, the two former agents have individual points of view and I was a bit disappointed that they will not work together on a particular case. They're partners and I assumed that they would be together in any case a bizarre murder investigation is happening around the corner...There was much depth emphasized in Michelle's past in this book. I learned a great deal about her and her family. The story revolves around Michelle's mental condition, she picks a fight with a huge guy inside a bar and I was more interested on why she did that.  

There was no question about how she kicked the guy's ass but she deliberately made him beat her up. Huh? That was my reaction. Why pick up a fight then just go soft with your opponent with no apparent reason? She ended up in the hospital with an enraged Sean in tow. She wanted to be left alone but Sean hires his friend Dr. Horatio Barnes to help her but she has to enter a mental facility to conduct the procedures of her recovery. At the facility, Michelle found out that an employee was selling illegal drugs to drug users and put a stop to it. Meanwhile Sean accepted a job at a place called Babbage Town. One of the scientist, Monk Turing has died and his colleagues wants to know what happened. Sean soon discovered that lies, betrayal and politics surrounds his investigation. I was wondering if Michelle would help with the investigation and she did. The two solved the case and I was satisfied with how the story ended. .

I'm eagerly looking out for the next book entitled First Family, I hope I can find a copy real soon!  

My Rating: 4 ½ Stars


Jennifer | Book Den said...

That's great. I didn't realize these were a series.

readable books said...

it's a great post. i really love it. thanks for sharing

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