Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review: Blindman's Bluff by Faye Kellerman

Kellerman's solid 18th novel to feature L.A. police detective Lt. Peter Decker and his wife, Rina finds that some jury duty should include hazardous duty pay. A shooting rampage at the 70-acre compound and mansion owned by shopping mall magnate Guy Kaffey leaves Kaffey, his wife and two guards dead. Kaffey's oldest son, Gil, apparently was left for dead and two other guards are missing. A plethora of suspects and motives has Decker and his colleagues looking at Guy's brother, Mace, and Guy's younger son, Grant, as well as the missing guards, other household staff, the remaining off-duty staff and possibly business rivals. Decker's cool professionalism is thoroughly tested when a chance courtroom encounter thrusts Rina into the case and puts her in harm's way. Kellerman expertly keeps interlocking investigations moving along with a minimum of confusion but plenty of doubt as to the guilty party or parties.

It's been a while since my last Faye Kellerman book. I wonder why it has taken this long for me to read her again? I've loads of books on my shelf that I can't decide which one to read! Pathetic right? Faye is just wonderful, she's one of my favorite. I think I started to like mystery/murder stories because of her impeccable writing pen. 

Peter is as sharp and as tough as ever. It goes without saying that if you hire him, he'll get the job done. Rina and the kids are okay, but she's getting a bit of action herself with this one. Faye also mentioned Cindy, Peter's daughter from his first marriage. It's nice to get back to this wonderful series of books that have been a part of my college years. Totally freaking cool!

Faye has done it again! This book was just oozing with awesomeness! She completely elevated her writing prowess in its highest form! I love how she ends every chapter with some witty remarks for a particular scene, it's just perfect! I can't stop saying good praises regarding this novel. I better get a hold of her latest book, Hangman. It's already making raves in the market and I don't want to be left behind! Will definitely get a copy next payday! I hope! 

My Rating: 5 Stars

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Hidayah Ismawi said...

Great review. Have never read Faye Kellerman before though I am a fan of this genre.

Would also like to Hi! from Malaysia. I also love to read (though sadly do not have time to read as much as I want). So much so that I started an online Hidayah’s Book Club. I also review books on my other blog, latest one was The White Queen by Philippa Gregory. Feel free to drop by :)

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