Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review: Bad Blood by Linda Fairstein

Halfway through the trial, a major catastrophe alters the course of Cooper's case. A cataclysmic explosion rips through New York City's Water Tunnel #3, a Spectacular feat of modern engineering that will be completed years in the future. Was the blast caused by terrorism? Political retribution? Or was it merely an accident? Cooper is quickly drawn into the tragedy when she discovers a strange connection linking Brendan Quillian to the tunnel workers killed in the explosion.Assistant D.A. Alexandra Cooper is deeply involved in a complicated, high-profile homicide case against defendant Brendan Quillian, a prominent young businessman charged with the brutal strangulation of his beautiful young wife. His conviction is not a certainty: Quillian was conveniently out of town on the day of the killing, and his defense attorney seems to be one step ahead of Cooper's effort to prove Quillian paid a hit man to commit the crime.

Another superb read from Linda Fairstein! Honestly, I just simply love her. Bad Blood for me is the best book in the series so far. I have yet to read four more books, so I guess I should read them first and then decide which one is the best... Anyways, this time around, the story is all about New York City's water supply. Now, what could be so interesting about old underground tunnels? Well, throw a good crime scene into it and it will surely get your attention. As always, we have the famous trio of Alex, Mike and Mercer. The story has two major storylines but I think the book focused more on the underground tunnels where a big explosion occurred, and a man was instantly killed. The trio went to investigate the situation and they found out that this wasn't an ordinary accident. It turned out that the man killed in the explosion is the brother of the man who is currently on trial for planning the murder of his wife.

As always, I learn loads of informations about the tunnels and subways. The trial scenes as usual are seamless and it's like you're also present in the courtroom and that you can feel the tension while two big-time lawyers battle it out with each other. What I distinctly love about these books is the extensive research Linda puts into each plot and that the readers will eventually learn from her novels. That is really an amazing accomplishment...

To wrap it all up, these three main characters have become some of my favorite characters in mainstream fiction. They have this chemistry that is so appealing to me, I think Alex and Mike will end up together as a couple. There are signs and they're very obvious... these two are meant to be as one! Well, at least that's what I want to happen, it's all up to Ms. Fairstein now...

My Rating: 4 ½ Stars


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J.O Jones said...

going to get this book to see how i like it

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