Monday, May 16, 2011

I Will Miss The Walker Family...

I'm really sad today. I just learned that ABC had canceled Brothers and Sisters last May 13, 2011. I'm all too familiar with this kind of scenario, but I really loved that show. It really is upsetting on my part...The one thing that I really am so mad about is that there are loads of unresolved issues and topics regarding the show's main characters. They axed the series without even giving it a proper send off... Wouldn't you be, like, outraged by this drastic turn of events? Really, really pissed off.... It's more than I can relate to some of the characters... The series itself as a whole, is so much like a real and ordinary family... The usual sibling rivalry, the problems a family goes through and stuff, but the most important above all these are the lessons that you learn at the end of every episode, and that you take that with you and use it in your everyday life... I think that is the gift this series had bestowed to its audience.... I have done just that and I'm so thankful to this show for giving me something to look forward to every week... Everytime that I was feeling lonely and sad, I just think of my family and how much they love me and that gives me strength to face another day...

I will miss the Walker family very much, they really inspired and helped me in so many ways than they'll ever know... All of the actors are amazing and they gave a hell of a performance! So many GLAAD awards to serve as a testimony for their superb acting and outstanding contribution to the world of television. I'm still hoping that ABC will give them a few more episodes to tie some loose ends...I need a closure from this remarkable series, darn it! Please!!! 

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