Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review: Death Dance by Linda Fairstein

Reunited with fellow Manhattan crime scene investigators Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace, brazen, outspoken Alexandra Cooper, assistant DA for the sex crimes prosecution unit, tackles the case of a murdered dancer with the Royal Ballet. While it was no secret that "world-renowned" Russian ballerina Natalya Galinova had a bad attitude and a cuckolded husband, that she was tossed, undetected, into the cooling unit at the Metropolitan Opera House still comes as a shock, even to a whole slew of suspects, among them her agent, Rinaldo; Broadway kingpin and voyeur Joe Berk; Berk's shady niece Mona; and the Met's slippery artistic director, Chet Dobbis. Varied clues paired with the fascinating theatrical spadework involved in the opera business lead to a sidewalk electrocution and several sabotaged stage sets. As additional suspects are tacked on, concurrent evidence and motives surface and the stage becomes increasingly deadly for everyone involved, especially Alex. Running alongside is a rape subplot involving an elusive Turkish doctor, and an unsolved urban assault case.

Death Dance was a compelling read! Linda has created such vivid and realistic characters. This time around the trio are navigating their way into a murder investigation of "world-renowned" Russian ballerina Natalya Galinova. I had my pen by my side writing down possible suspects, this book is populated with a huge cast of characters and that makes it hard for me to remember all their names! But I love a large cast!

I do this often, write down the names from the book and their corresponding pages, so when the author finally reveals the true identity of the killer, I would be able to identify the culprit by reviewing my notes. It's like I'm an investigator myself! I like writing down notes while reading a whodunit thriller. 

The book started off with its usual consistent formula. (1) A murder occurred (2) Investigation follows (3) Threats to Alex's life (4) Killer put to justice. I also would like to point out Linda's vast research regarding the Broadway Stage, The Met and The City Center. I don't have any idea what these places are or where they're located. Now I know...Linda entertains and educate you at the same time. Really amazing...

I think that Alex, Mike and Mercer have a unique connection that readers like me simply enjoy. They compliment each other. They have this pleasantness around them...To wrap it all up, Death Dance was a hell of a ride! Cheers!

My Rating: 4 Stars


Lazy Girl said...

How cool that you write down the clues!!!! That's so fun!! And it's funny how you mentioned The Met..I never got to tell you but I'm an opera singer! So I hope to sing there one day..but whenever there aren't operas playing, the ballet is on!

Ruperto Prieto Jr. said...

@Lah: Yeah, it's really fun to write them down. :-)

Wow. Opera singer. WOW! That's so great! You must be a very good singer! :-)

Natalie W said...

This one sounds really good. I'll have to add it to my wish list. Love a good murder mystery.
Natalie :0)

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