Saturday, March 19, 2011

Review: Wedding Bell Blues by Robyn Amos

Moni Lawrence can't believe her good fortune! Thanks to an unexpected inheritance, she's leaving her tiny Virginia hometown in the dust and heading west to spread her wings and fly free. But she makes more of a splash than she intended in San Diego, when she's so distracted by the sight of a naked man, she drives her car through his fence and into his swimming pool. It's understandable, since Grant Forrest is so fine he'd turn any woman's head. And when it's been decided (in court!) that Moni has to personally repair the damage -- and is going to be around him a lot -- she knows she'd better keep her passion in check, or else she might end up uttering those deadly, reedom-suffocating words, "I do!" Of course, Grant's been disastrously down that aisle twice already and isn't looking for Mrs. Number Three. Besides, he obviously thinks Moni's just a sexy, perky, destructive featherhead and serious trouble.

It has been so long since my last romance novel, you can't blame me... I'm so engrossed with so many different books that I can barely handle them all! After disengaging myself with my usual reads, I wanted to read something laid-back. Something funny and relaxing, something that won't involve killers and detectives hehehe.

Wedding Bell Blues is a delightful read. Moni is a very charming character. I love her! She's this kind of person that you would want to have as a friend. Honest, loyal, kind and very down to earth. Grant and Moni are the perfect couple. They're so funny together! 

If you want something new and you want to laugh by yourself, this book is perfect for you. I hope I can find another Robyn Amos novel soon! 

My Rating: 4 Stars


Lazy Girl said...

Cool review! I love how colorful your blog is as well! You might see me making the first letter in my book reviews different colors now!

And I know what you mean about moving away from what you normally read some time. Although, I feel like I need to read about 20 detective novels since I've been reading way too many YA novels and Chick Lit novels!!

Ruperto Prieto Jr. said...

@Lazy Girl: Thanks so much Lah...I really love colors, that's why my blog is very colorful.Lol. Sometimes it's fun to read books that you don't normally read and you'll be surprised that you'll actually enjoy it. That happened on Wedding Bell Blues. A fantastic book!

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