Sunday, March 13, 2011

Review: Hand Of Evil by J.A. Jance

With his hand trapped in the door of a speeding car, a man struggles to remain upright as he's dragged along a deserted stretch of San Juan Road in Phoenix's South Mountain Preserve. It's the perfect place to drive a man to his grave, literally. Starting with a crime so gruesome even prowling coyotes keep their distance from the remains, a killer begins crisscrossing the Southwest on a spree of grisly murders. A hundred miles away, Ali Reynolds is grieving. The newscasting job she once delighted in is gone and so is the philandering husband she loved and thought she knew. When a member of the family who gave Ali a generous scholarship for her education decades earlier suddenly asks her for a meeting, Ali wonders what it can mean. Before she can satisfy her curiosity, though, Ali receives another startling call: a friend's teenage daughter has disappeared. Ali offers to help, but in doing so, she unknowingly begins a quest that will reveal a deadly ring of secrets, at the center of which stand two undiscriminating killers....

This is the third book in the series that featured former L.A. TV news anchor Ali Reynolds. Yeah, I know, the third book. So why did I end up buying a book that's part of a series even though I haven't read the two previous one? Well, the story for one is thought-provoking. I haven't read a heroine that's a former news anchor, it's consistently detectives, policemen and lawyers that dominates the mystery adult fiction nowadays. Also I have a liking for the cover. It looks terrific. Don't you agree?

I have mixed feelings with Hand of Evil. The book started out  monotonous for me. I try to tell myself that this is the third book, so why am I expecting too much? J.A. Jance gave a brief summation of the previous books but I still feel that it wasn't enough. I guess you're saying that I should have bought the two books first right?

 The plus side is that the story towards the middle and in the end was adequately done. The characters did have loads of exposure and the main thing that I love about Ali is that she has her own blog! I can totally relate to that, obviously. Will I ever try and read another book from J.A.? Absolutely. 

My Rating: 3 Stars


glentot said...

Hey nabasa mo na ba yung The Mysterious Island ni Jules Verne? Binabasa ko yun ngayon... required reading haha

Ruperto Prieto Jr. said...

Hi Glenn! Di pa. hehehe. Di kasi ako mahilig sa ganyang books eh. Pero pag type ko story, go ako ahehehe.

Lazy Girl said...

Well that's cool! I always wonder if I'd be able to just start reading in the middle of a series like that. And I do think it's cool that the MC is a former news reporter! That's a cool twist!

Ruperto Prieto Jr. said...

@Lazy Girl: hi! thanks for dropping by! appreciate it!

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