Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: Back on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber

Blossom Street—where you'll find everything you're looking for! From yarn and flowers to friendship… There's a new shop on Seattle's Blossom Street—a flower store called Susannah's Garden, right next door to A Good Yarn. Susannah Nelson, the owner, has just hired an assistant named Colette Blake, a young widow who's obviously hiding a secret—or two. When Susannah and Colette both join Lydia Goetz's new knitting class, they discover that Lydia and her sister, Margaret, have worries of their own. Margaret's daughter, Julia, is the victim of a random carjacking, and the entire family is thrown into emotional chaos. Then there's Alix Townsend, whose wedding is only months away. She's not sure she can go through with it, though. A reception at the country club, with hundreds of guests she's never met—it's just not Alix. But, like everyone else in Lydia's knitting class, she knows there's a solution to every problem...

It's good to be back on Blossom Street! The last time I was on this street, some of Lydia's friends (The Shop on Blossom Street, A Good Yarn and Susannah's Garden) are finally settling down and having a great time with their lives. In this book, Lydia is starting another knitting class and she's determine to teach her friends about knitting and about life.

One of the main characters is on this book again, my favorite, Alix Townsend. She's about to get married and she's not getting what she wants from this big event of her life. Her friend Jacqueline have taken the reigns on her wedding and she's calling all the shots. Alix wanted a simple wedding and Jacqueline is not a bit interested in that. I like Alix's character, she's strong and able to make decisions on her own. That's why she's very annoyed that somebody is taking over her moment. She's thankful that Jacqueline is helping out but it is her wedding and she should be the one to decide about everything.

Colette Blake is a new character in this book, she has a very big problem. She's pregnant and she doesn't want people to know, even her parents. She's in hiding and afraid. The father of her child was her former employer and she's scared to tell him the truth because she knows that the feelings she's got will only push him away.

The Blossom Street Series only gets better and better as each new book promises new endearing characters and well realized storylines. I'll never get tired of reading them.

My Rating: 4 Stars

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