Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Review: The Gatekeeper by Michelle Gagnon

As Kelly's fiancé, Jake Riley, races to find Madison, Kelly is assigned to another disturbing case: the murder and dismemberment of a senator. At first the two cases don't appear to be related. But as Kelly navigates her way through the darkest communities of America—from skinheads to biker gangs to border militias—she discovers a horrible truth. A shadowy figure who calls himself The Gatekeeper is uniting hate groups, opening the door to the worst homegrown attack in American history.From the moment sixteen-year-old Madison Grant is abducted, an unthinkable terrorist plot is set in motion—pitting Special Agent Kelly Jones against her most powerful adversary yet. The kidnapper's ransom demands aren't monetary…they come at a cost that no American can afford to pay.


Okay, I'll make this review as short as possible, I'm doing this to soften the blow...I rarely write a bad review because I usually do research on the book that I want to purchase first. But there are times that I just want to buy a book on the basis of the cover, story and author alone.

The Gatekeeper is the 3rd installment from Michelle Gagnon's Kelly Jones Mystery. I haven't read the two books, but that's not a problem for me. The author always give a small review on what happened on the previous books and that alone is enough to catch up with the story.  

The book started out interesting for me, I kinda was engrossed with story and the characters were okay. But when I was in the middle of the book, I got bored and I wanted to discontinue reading it. But I did managed to suck it up and finish the novel. I wasn't satisfied with the ending either. Anyways, I'm not giving up on Michelle Gagnon, if ever I come across with her other titles again, I'll give her another try. Cheerz!

My Rating: 3 ½ Stars


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