Friday, April 30, 2010

♠ Author of the Month: APRIL ♠

 Author of the Month: APRIL

Debbie Macomber was born on October 22, 1948 in Yakima, Washington, U.S.A.. Debbie is dyslexic, and when she first decided to write a novel she had only a High School Degree and also was the very young mother of four active children. People called her a hopeless dreamer, no one believed she had what it took to write a book--except Debbie. She eventually saved enough money to rent an old typewriter, and every night when the children were asleep, she would sit down to write. She wrote--for years. But each time she completed a story and mailed it off to a publisher, the manuscript was returned, stamped 'rejected.' As tough as it was to keep her spirits alive, Debbie never gave up. Five long years and thousands of pages later, she received a letter in the afternoon mail. The letter was from Silhouette Books--and they wanted to buy her story. Her first novel, Heartsong, was published as a Silhouette Inspiration in 1984, and it became the first romance novel ever to be reviewed in Publishers Weekly. In her office, located directly above a bookstore and an ice cream parlor, Macomber is currently committed to writing two single-title books (one hardcover, one paperback) and one shorter book each year. She has two full-time and two part-time assistants who help her with research, bookkeeping, sorting reader mail, and keeping up with her website. Macomber receives approximately 3000 letters from fans every month and responds personally to each one.  Macomber and her husband, Wayne, have four children and numerous grandchildren. They live in Port Orchard, Washington, where her husband is building his own airplane, and Macomber enjoys knitting and cooking.--courtesy of wikipedia

I've chosen Debbie Macomber as the author for the month of April, in view of the fact, that she had become one of my favorite authors. Although she is a romance novelist, and I hardly read love stories, her books are not just an ordinary boy-meets-girl kind of thing. Her books deals with everyday problems that each of us encounters in our everyday lives. There's more magnitude to her stories. It's like whenever I'm reading her books, I can sense the emotions of her characters. She is truly a gifted writer and I'm looking forward on reading all of her books! Cheerz!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

♠ Happy Birthday to Me! ♠

Today is my birthday! I'm old! Hahaha! I'm here with my parents in Bulacan and we're going to have a small celebration. Nothing fancy, just the four of us. We'll just cook my favorite dish and eat together and catch up on things. I've been away most of the time. I rarely visit my parents. So this is the time to make up for those lost moments. I'm very close to my family. They are the people whom I really can count on and I know that whatever happens in my life, they will be the people I can really depend on. My wish is to read loads of books and to have my very own laptop! It'll be great to have my own one, it'll be easy for me to write articles on my blog and it's kinda cool to have one hehehe. Well, I really have to work hard to get what I want in life. May GOD continue to bless me and my family. Cheerz!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Review: Dust to Dust by Tami Hoag

Minneapolis has more than its share of interesting cops (Lucas Davenport of the John Sandford thrillers, for one), and Tami Hoag's homicide dicks, Sam Kovac and Nikki Liska, join the club in this thoughtful and surprisingly moving novel of dirty cops and cover-ups. Internal Affairs investigator Andy Fallon is a suicide--or is he? The word around the department is that Andy, son of Iron Mike Fallon, an old hero of Sam's, killed himself because Mike turned his back on him when Andy told him he was gay. Or maybe it was because a lover dumped him, or even (snicker, snicker) a perverted sexual practice gone wrong. That's the gossip, but Sam feels he owes it to Mike to investigate.


Dust to Dust is the second novel that I've read by Tami Hoag. The first one is Ashes to Ashes featuring Sam Kovac and Nikki Liska. In Dust to Dust, the two detectives returns on the crime scene as they try to solve a complicated murder case that happened on their very own turf. They think that the murder victim, Andy Fallon, was killed by a fellow cop. Now that is saying much...The two detectives are having a hard time probing around for clues to the murder, they are treading on dangerous waters and barking up on the wrong tree... Somebody is trying to keep the lid shut on the case. They can portend that the investigation will not be a walk in the park. Throughout the story, the two detectives are engaged to their personal and professional lives. Nikki, divorced from her husband, is trying to juggle a dangerous career and motherhood. While Sam Kovac is dwelling on his mistakes and loneliness. Tami Hoag blends these emotions and situations to her characters until readers will keep on turning the pages of her book. 
To wrap it all up, Dust to Dust is a well-crafted thriller, a psychological hailstorm full of intrigue and suspense. I'm patiently waiting on the next Kovak/Liska installment entitled "Prior Bad Acts". A thrill-a-minute-ride of a book! Go grab a copy! Cheerz!

My Rating: 4 ½ stars

Saturday, April 24, 2010

♠ Book Buddy ♠

Since I am a book addict, I want to share my love for books to other people. I want them to discover why reading is so much fun and takes you to a place where you can sit and just relax and be taken to a place of wonder that only books can offer. Sometimes, I get a lot of mixed reactions whenever I persuade people to read. They don't have the time, the pages are so thick they wouldn't last a minute reading it and other reasons I find ludicrous. Of course you can't force them to read. But I believe that given the right book to start off, a non-reader, eventually will become a reader. I've learned so many informations and facts in pursuant of reading books. They are indeed, " food for the brain ".

I want to thank Ate Cynthia again for giving me her books. She's a relative currently living in the States with her family, and of course she's a reader too! It was a long time ago but up to now I'm very grateful for her generosity. She could've given these books to anyone, but she chose to give them to me. No one ever gave me books as many as she had given me. And I'd like to label her as my unofficial "book buddy", but she doesn't know it yet. Hehehe. The list below are the books I received from her, as far as I can reckon. Hehehe.

1. Phantoms by Dean Koontz
2. Cardinal Sins by Barbara Delinsky
3. The Game by Iris Johansen
4. Rules of Prey by John Sandford
5. Easy Prey by John sandford
6. Fox River by Emilie Richards
7. Blow Out by Catherine Coulter
8. Double Tap by Steve Martini
9. The Alibi by Sandra Brown
10. First Impressions by Jude Deveraux [ hard copy]

Friday, April 23, 2010

♠ Books to Reckon ♠

Good day to all! I just thought of something I haven't done in a while, a complete list of all the authors and their respective novels that I've read. This is going to be fun for me! Well, that depends if I can still recall all of those innumerable books! I've been having temporary memory loss these days haha.  That's why I'm taking it one day at a time. But first, I have to make a list of my top 15 authors and here they are:

My Top 15 Authors:

01. J.R.R. Tolkien   [ The Lord of the Rings]
02. J.K. Rowling    [Harry Potter ]
03. Debbie Macomber  [Cedar Cove Series]
04. Tess Gerritsen   [Maura Isles and Jane Rizzoli Series]
05. James Rollins  [SIGMA Series]
06. John Saul   [ The Blackstone Chronicles]
07. Terry Brooks  [Shannara Series]
08. James Patterson  [Alex Cross Series, Women's Murder Club]
09. LaVyrle Spencer   [ Romance Novels]
10. G.R.R. Martin   [A Song of Fire and  Ice Series]
11. Faye Kellerman  [Rina Lazarus and  Peter Decker Series]
12. Terry Goodkind  [Sword of Truth]
13. Jonathan Kellerman  [Alex Delaware Series]
14. John Grisham  [Courtroom Drama]
15. Dan Brown  [Robert Langdon Series]

I'm also including authors that is not on my Top 15 list. Cheerz! 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Review: Summer's Child by Luanne Rice


On the first day of summer, Mara Jameson went out to water her garden--and was never seen again. Years after her disappearance, no one could forget the expectant mother whose glowing smile had captured the heart of everyone who'd known her: Maeve Jameson, still mourning the loss of a granddaughter she had struggled to protect...Patrick Murphy, a dogged police detective obsessed with a vanished woman...and Lily Malone, drawn to the rugged beauty of the Nova Scotia coast and its promise of a new life. Here Lily hopes to raise her nine-year-old daughter, Rose, far from the pain and loss of the past. Here she will meet a gifted scientist, Liam Neill, whose life is on a similar trajectory from heartbreak to hope. And before the season is over, Lily will find the magic exists in people we love the best...the everyday miracles that can make the extraordinary happen.


My very first Luanne Rice novel was "The Perfect Summer". The story is somewhat similar with "Summer's Child". A particular person disappears and no one knows his/her wherabouts. This is her usual formula and her intention is to get the readers attention and interest, and it got mine. I always love mystery novels and somehow Luanne Rice manages to incorporate mystery and family issues together. In this particular novel she captured the emotions of all the characters, she has a good eye for small detail and she skillfully blends romance with magic. 

I'm not a fan of romance writers but as a reader I tend to explore new titles out of curiosity. And this curiosity makes way for me to discover new authors. If I find their book entertaining enough, then I'm going to read it and pursue  their other titles as well. "Summer's Child" is a feel-good book and if you're the type of person who enjoys family drama and secrets, this book is for you! Cheerz!

My Rating:4 ½ Stars

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In My Mailbox #3: Two of A Kind

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by  The Story Siren.

It's me again with another book purchase! I think this will be my last purchase for this month. Hehehe. I really have to save money. But I can't seem to refrain myself whenever a book catches my eye. Help! I think I've created a new disease that only I seem to have! Hehehe. It's like I'm a bookaholic or something.

This book is called the Book of the Dead by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Oohhh, the title is a bit scary huh? I got this title from a book sale on a certain area. Believe me, it's cheap. Hehehe. But the book is in very good condition. I was sweating profusely trying to overhaul this box full of assorted titles. Super halukay talaga ako sa box ng books na nakita ko. Butil butil na pawis ko pero go, go, go pa din ako.  Ang dami pang paperbacks na on sale and namili lang ako ng mga gusto ko. I will post them some other time. Maybe I will read The Book of the Dead first before The Third Secret by Steve Berry since I haven't read any books from Preston and Child. I hope they're good! Cheerz!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

♠ A Star Is Reborn? ♠

Rachelle Ann Go (born August 31, 1986) is a Filipina singer, model and occatioanl actress. She is one of the bestselling female recording artists of her generation, selling more than 50 thousand albums since she started in 2004. She is a former ABS-CBN talent but in 2010 it was confirmed that she will move back to her home network GMA-7, ABS-CBN's rival network. Go was born in Manila, Philippines. Her interest in singing started at a very young age. Her father predicted even before she turned a year old that she was destined to be a star. When she turned seven, she underwent vocal training and lessons and, by the time she was nine, she participated in her very first amateur singing competition and won the first prize, belting out Jennifer Holliday's "And I Am Telling You," in spite of being the youngest contender. -courtesy of wikipedia

Today at Party Pilipinas, Rachelle Ann Go will be launched as the newest kapuso. But prior to that, a lot of speculations had been going around if she really was going back to her original network, GMA. And last week I think, confirmed na lilipat na si Rachelle. I'm happy for her. Being a kapuso and all. Hehehe. When she was still in ABS, she had her own spotlight, pero since Sarah Geronimo is there, para sa akin, she will not be that recognized. I have nothing against Sarah, pero I think na mas sisikat siya sa GMA. I hope her latest career move will be all for the best. I'm looking forward on watching her welcome party tomorrow, I think it's going to be in Dagupan. Regine Velasquez, announced last week I think, that Party Pilipinas will be going around different places here in the Philippines and that future abroad shows is in the works.  Goodluck to Rachelle and Party Pilipinas! Cheerz!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Review: The Jester by James Patterson and Andrew Gross

You are about to begin the most thrilling James Patterson novel yet. Hugh De Luc returns from the Crusades to discover that his terrifying nightmare has just begun. Merciless killers have slain his young son, kidnapped his wife, Sophie, and destroyed his town in their search for a priceless relic from the Crucifixion. Hugh's quest to find Sophie is one of the most pulse-pounding adventures, mysteries, and unforgettable love stories in all of thriller fiction.

Hey there! I haven't posted a book review for a very long time. My my time flies! I was quite busy organizing my blog. The birth of this blog started to happen when my friend told me that I should write reviews of all the books I've managed to collect over the past years. I asked him what would be the best way? Post my reviews on I surmised that you can only post a review on their website if you actually bought something from them. And I haven't purchased anything! Bakit ako mag-aamazon may mga booksale naman dito! Lol. If I'm looking for a particular book to buy naman,  I often read reviews first from customers who have read the books na. Just to give me some idea of what they think about the book. Then if ok mga reviews, I will buy the book. Kasi sometimes, it really helps talaga if nabasa na ng ibang tao yung book na gusto ko. Minsan, talagang the book is not good, pero mas madalas na kapag madami yung positive reviews the book really is a gem! And looking for a great book is like finding a needle in a haystack! Hehehe. 

The Jester ang first book na nabasa ko by James Patterson. Karen lend this book to me. It wasn't hers din. Sa relative ko yung book na ito. Sila din yung same relative that lend me all the books in their mini-library. Hehehe. On to the book, the book is about Hugh de Luc. A simple townsfolk, he was living peacefully in a small village together with his wife and their child. One day, a group of men came to their village looking for a relic and butchered many of his people and killed his wife and child. Of course, he wanted revenge, James ability to describe the scenes in this book is astounding. I was hooked instantly. The story was very well written. The journey of Hugh wasn't that simple. He disguised himself as a jester to get inside the castle and infiltrate it.  Eventually, he was successful in his mission and James Patterson will surprise the readers towards the end of the book. The hard thing for me, is that I've read this book years ago. Hehehe. Kaya hindi ko gaano mai-describe in detail. Pero one thing is for sure. This book is very entertaining. Highly recommended! Cheerz!

My Rating: 5 stars 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

♠ Farewell Ugly Betty! ♠

Ugly Betty is an American comedy-drama television series created by Silvio Horta, which premiered on ABC on September 28, 2006. The series revolves around Betty Suarez and is based on the Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea, which was created by Fernando Gaitán. The series is produced by Silent H, Ventanarosa and Reveille respectively partnered with ABC Studios, and is primarily filmed in Los Angeles, but together with the pilot episode and the third and fourth season the series is filmed in New York City. 

On January 27, 2010, ABC announced it was cancelling the series, stating it would not be returning for a fifth season due to low ratings. The series finale is set to air on April 14, 2010.

What the ****! Sorry about that. I was really disappointed when I heard the news that ABC will be cancelling the show. Bummer. That was about 2 months ago. Tomorrow is the last episode of this wonderful series. And now I want to say my farewell to Ugly Betty. I started watching Ugly Betty mga year 2009 na. Although the series premiered in the States around September 2006. Before kasi, I watch Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, Heroes, and CSI: Miami. Nauso di ba yung mga dvd na mga American television series? In one dvd my 1 season ka na ng favorite series mo. When I was looking for a particular dvd sa mga dvd's ng pinsan ko, I accidentally found Ugly Betty season 1. At first, hindi ko siya pinansin kasi parang di siya maganda. Kaya lang wala akong makita na dvd na pwede kong mahiram sa pinsan ko so kinuha ko na lang ang Ugly Betty dvd. I started watching the series and I love it sa first episode pa lang. Iba ang series na ito. Full of moral lessons and funny moments. The storyline itself speaks volumes. So many times na tawa ako ng tawa sa mga scenes with Mark and Amanda. All in all, Ugly Betty has 4 seasons and numerous awards has been given to the series. As of now Ugly Betty is still my no.1 show. I joined a group with a campaign against ABC to stop the show from being cancelled. I hope yung mga fellow fans ko sa America will get a positive outcome. For now, Farewell Ugly Betty! Cheerz!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

In My Mailbox #2: Second From Berry

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by  The Story Siren.
Good day to all! Here I am again, posting a new book purchase. This time I'm not going to reveal how much this book is. Hehehe. But it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. Minsan, parang may book rage ako. Just want to go out and go on a book hunting expedition the whole day! When I was in college, I still remember, I was looking for Jonathan Kellerman books, specifically, the Alex Delaware Series. I went to National Bookstore in SM North Edsa, Katipunan, Congressional Avenue-Q.C., Sta. Lucia East, Robinsons Metro East, Cubao Alimall, and Cubao-Superbrach and of course my favorite bookstore, Booksale! Madami din yang branches and pinuntahan ko din siya! Wala pa kasi kaming telephone before at wala pa ang mga internet buying. Kaya I personally visit the bookshops. Ahehe. In one day yan ha! If I really wanted a book I really go for it. I get this feeling of exhiliration whenever I find a book na hinahanap ko. Forgive my ramblings. Kasi puro books talaga ang topic ko mostly sa blog na ito. Hehehe.

This is my second Steve Berry novel. The first one was The Amber Room. After reading Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, syempre so many authors wanted to have a hit novel like Dan's. The Da Vinci Code for me was really a great book. It was every inch a page-turner. Next time na lang yung mga books ni Dan Brown since I read all his works. Hehehe. Ibang topic na lang yun. When I was out and about, I went to a bookshop and found the Amber Room, mga 2 years ago, the synopsis of the story was the main reason I acquired the book. May parang Dan Brown factor kasi siya. Syempre, after reading The Da Vinci Code I was really looking for other novels like it. The Amber Room was an OK book for me.  Marami pang titles si Steve Berry pero I did not pursue his other novels. Hindi siya kasing ganda ng The Da Vinci Code. So after 2 years, I found another novel by Steve Berry. I wanted to try another book from him and I hope this particular title will be a good read! And friends pala sila ni James Rollins, another favorite author of mine. Next time na lang din si James Rollins. Madami din ako topic sa kanya. Hehehe. A blessed Sunday to all of us! Cheerz! 

Friday, April 9, 2010

♠ Karen and Kraken ♠

Last Wednesday, I went to see the movie, The Clash of the Titans. I was so looking forward sa movie na ito. Ever since na naging super fan ako ng The Lord of the Rings, I'm always drawn to this kind of movie. Yung merong mga hero, a princess, soldiers, monsters and quests that needs to be done! Di ba may parang kasabihan na it's not the destination that's important, it's the journey. Siguro yun nga talaga ang mas importante, hehehe. Ewan. Kasi before you reach your destination, so many obstacles pa ang madadaanan mo.  My cousin Karen gave me money for the movie. I was telling her on how I would want to see the movie and like an answered prayer, she granted my wish. I love her!!! I'm a charity case these days. No work pa eh.

Having said that, the Clash of the Titans is like a journey with so many twists and turns. Ako, personally, nagustuhan ko ang movie. Sam Worthington played the part of Perseus convincingly. When he started out sa Terminator, napansin ko na agad na parang siya ang bida and not Christian Bale. Then sa Avatar he proved that he really is one of the most sought out actors in Hollywood. And the part of Perseus really suited him well. He was every inch a warrior. Siguro one thing lang ang lacking sa movie. Yung action hehehe. Yung mga action sequences hindi gaano madami. Mga three lang yata yung talagang bakbakan. When they fought with the scorpions in the desert, the appearance of the Kraken in the shores of Argos and the battle between Medusa and Perseus. These fight sequences are all executed very well. Parang that's it. Pero even if minimal lang ang action, I think you should still see the movie. The armors, swords, the computerized sceneries, the costumes and special effects adds more entertainment as a whole. Go and see the movie! Cheers!

My Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In My Mailbox #1: Bargain Madness!

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by  The Story Siren.
Yesterday, I went out to do some errands and everytime na lumalabas ako,  syempre I always drop by sa mga bookstores. Yung iba sa ukay-ukay nag-hahalungkat, ung iba sa mga sale na damit. Ako sa mga books na mga sale! So many times I've purchased titles that are discounted. And take note, the books are almost in pristine condition. Tiyaga lang need to find a book na talagang good condition pa.

Would you believe that  I only paid for these two books for only P50? Hehehe. Yap, you read it right, P50. Hehehe. I grabbed the books immediately, fearing that someone might catch the price tags on them. Very good condition pa ang mga books na ito! Sayang, I wish I started this blog earlier so I can chronicle or record all the books that I bought for the past 12 years hehehe. Oops... I almost forgot, that troll is me. I mean, the troll version of me. Hehe. You'll be seeing him whenever I'm going to post my new book purchases! I decided to take the actual photo of the books baka sabihin nyo I'm fake at di totoo mga books ko hehehe. Just kidding.  Good day! GOD bless us all!

Monday, April 5, 2010

♠ I Need A Library! ♠

One thing you need to know about me is that I love to read. So much! Hehe. Di pa ba proof ang mga books na ito!? Just took this picture a while ago. As far as I can recall, I started reading books when I was in high school. That was the time na nahiligan ko talaga ang pagbabasa. Sa Bulacan pa ako nakatira before with my parents sa first house namin. And by the way, lahat ng books na nasa picture, are all mine. Hehehe.

I have a particular cousin that also read books. Pero before that, di ako gaano nagbabasa ng English books. It started with Tagalog pocketbooks, before ito talaga ang hit na hit. I can still remember na nagbebenta pa ako ng mga old bottles of ketchup, vinegar, soy sauce para lang makapag-rent ng pocketbooks. Yung isa kong cousin addict din dati sa pocketbooks. We even traded books with a certain lady everyday! Mahilig din siya magbasa. Hehe. May tindahan sa amin na pag-aari ni Ate *****. Sa kanya halos lahat nag-rerent ng mga pocketbooks ang mga people sa amin. Parang siya ang godmother of pocketbooks hehehe.

My cousin Karen, she's from Manila, whenever na bibisita sya sa amin, may dala syang mga books. I can still remember na mga Sweet Valley High pa nga mga books nya dati. She would lend them to me. And since mahilig na ako mag-read I tried to read it. Amazingly, nagustuhan ko sya. I compared the Tagalog books versus the foreign one and mas nagustuhan ko talaga ung English. Mas naiintindihan ko siya and the writing was very different, feeling ko mas detailed siya and mas marami akong lessons na nakukuha. Ever since, I opted for more books, mga English. 

Swerte ko nun, kasi I found out na ung mga relatives namin na kung saan siya nakatira ay mahilig magbasa! They have this small personal library filled with innumerable titles! Para akong nasa heaven nun! I was surrounded with so many books! Parang OA naman ako. Hehehe. Kasi during those times I can't buy my own books. I was still studying, my parents were just getting by sa mga needs namin. Kaya when I saw all those books, I told myself that someday, after I finished my studies, If I wanted a book, bibilin ko siya...Drama ko naman yata. Hehe. That will come later na lang. Yung story na yun. I asked my cousin If I can borrow the books from our relatives, she said na ask muna nya. 

I was sweating profusely kasi I really wanted to read them all. Baka hindi ipahiram kasi mga bago pa ang mga books and some of them, sealed pa with plastic. Meaning, newly purchased lang yun! When she came back, ok daw! But... I should take care of the books with utmost care. Which I did, paranoid kaya ako, ayoko nalulukot ang mga books ko. I guess yung books na nandun sa library ng mga relatives ko would be about 600, more or less. Dami nun!

Since one of my relatives is a doctor, yung mga early books na nabasa ko are medical thrillers, authors such as Robin Cook, Michael Palmer, Tess Gerritsen, Stephen White, etc. May mga Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys din sila, Danielle Steele, Mary Higgings Clark, and many others. Madami ako pagpipilian. I would ride back and forth to get them and return them when I'm done. I was already in Marikina and started my first year in college. I don't want to gloat, pero nabasa ko yata almost the whole library nila. Hehehe. Thankful ako sa mga relatives ko because they allowed me to borrow them.  Most especially my cousin. Siya ang bridge ko. During my college days, mas lalong nag-pile up ang mga books ko. I collected the Lord of the Rings books, The Hobbit, the Harry Potter Series, The Shannara Series, The Sword of Truth Series and uber dami pa na mga books. Naisingit ko lang naman sa allowance ko. Hehe. Di ako mahilig sa clothes, that's one of the reasons kaya kapag may money ako, I spend them all sa books lang. Books, books, books.

There was an incident when my father caught me in the act of sniffing the book pages. Hehehe. Ewan ko ba, but I like the smell of paper. Especially if I just bought the book and it's really new pa. Mabango ang amoy sa akin. Weird ba? Well, that's exactly the impression I gave my father. Parang napa-smirk siya at napatawa ng bahagya. He was against my hobby. Sobra daw ako magbasa ng books. Lalabo daw mata ko, dapat daw bible na lang.

I told him na buti nga di ako tulad ng iba na mahilig sa alak, cigarette, at sugal. I spend my money sa books lang. Yun lang bisyo ko, I don't know if bisyo nga yun na matatawag. Hehe. There was a time when my father was really against the Harry Potter books. He told me that those kinds of books were being used by the devil for witchcraft and a bunch of devil worship. Parang ganun. I told him na, if you read the totality of the book, you wouldn't say that.  It's good versus evil. And the good side always win. And loads of good moral lessons din ang makikita mo in pursuant of reading them.

I did not give up on reading. Lalo na alam ko sa sarili ko na I find pleasure in them. When I started working, mas lalong naging active ang reading schedule ko. I work in the mornings and then when I get home I always read lang. Hindi masyado ako nag-watch ng tv before. Books talaga ang pastime ko. So many good books that I wanna share with you all. Pero one at a time muna. And I hope this blog will help out all the readers out there. I hope my reviews will help you acquire a good read. Thanks for reading (kung meron mang nagbasa hehehe) and GOD bless! My other books pa pala ako, pero yung iba nawala, nasira na. Medyo careless ako dati sa books eh. Kaya ngayon super ingat na.

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