Thursday, December 9, 2010

♠X-mas Wish Granted! LIES by Michael Grant!♠

I'm really excited to share this news to all of you guys. Just a few days ago I posted my Christmas Book Wish List and I was hoping to get at least 1 book from the three that I've chosen amongst the numerous titles that's on my wish list. A few minutes ago, my Kuya Joy from Dubai called me and told me that he has bought LIES by Michael Grant as his Christmas present to me! I was taken aback when he told me this and once the initial shock was over, he told me that he'll be giving me other titles as well! Yay! 

I would like to thank my Kuya in advance for the books that will soon arrive on my doorstep. I hope Hex Hall and House of Reckoning will follow next. So to all my friends and relatives, I'm begging you to give me these two! Hehehe! Cheerz!



Anonymous said...

Kaz! That's soooo awesome! Hooray for you and Kuya Joy! - Karen

Ruperto Prieto Jr. said...

@KAREN: Hi kaz! yeah! I'm so thankful he got me the latest book on Michael Grant's Gone series! :-)

Nina B. said...

You've got a cool family that they actually went out and got what you wanted! Wish mine's the same LOL

Yay! You got to folow me finally‼

As for a Sidney Sheldon read, I'd suggest The Naked Face for some murder mystery action, and The Stranger in the Mirror for drama.

Brush Up On Your Reading

Ruperto Prieto Jr. said...

@Nina B.: hi! yeah, i'm really thankful that they went out of their way to give me these books! This is the first time that I requested books as gifts for Christmas. I'll try to look for the Naked Face since I love mystery novels so much. Thanks for dropping by!

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