Thursday, December 16, 2010

Review: Heartstopper by Joy Fielding

Welcome to Torrance, Florida. Population: 4,160. As Sheriff John Weber would attest, the deadliest predators to date in his tiny hamlet were the alligators lurking in the nearby swamps. But that was before someone abducted and murdered a runaway teenage girl...and before the disappearance of popular and pretty Liana Martin. The pattern is chilling to Sandy Crosbie, the town's new high school English teacher. With a marriage on the rocks, thanks to her husband's online affairs, and a beautiful teenage daughter to protect, Sandy wishes she'd never come to the seemingly quiet town with shocking depths of scandal, sex, and brutality roiling beneath its surface. And as Sheriff Weber digs up more questions than answers in a dead-end investigation, one truth emerges: the prettiest ones are being targeted, the heartstoppers. And this killer intends to give them their due.... 


A story that really has plenty of twists and turns, a killer that you will keep on guessing the identity, and storytelling at it's finest... This is the very first time that I've read a Joy Fielding book. I never expected it to be this good.  I very much like how she writes. I was instantly mesmerized by her ability to maneuver the story and she keeps on getting better as the pages are turned. I will be on the lookout for more of her books. I recently emailed her to ask for an interview but I think she has a lot on her plate right now...

I think the highlight of the book is from the Killer's Journal, describing every plan and action that needs to be done to obtain a victim. I was hooked immediately with this kind of "getting inside the mind of the killer thingy". I love to read what a murderer is up to, who the next victim will be and how that victim will die. Hehehe.

Joy also has a lot of young adult characters in this book and so many high school drama is going on which I absolutely like! I don't know, I just love school themed books. 

To wrap this up, go and get a copy of Heartstopper. It's really a great reading experience! 

My Rating: 5 Stars


artseblis said...

Thanks for blogging about this. I'm always interested to hear about new thrillers and mysteries.

Ruperto Prieto Jr. said...

@ artseblis: Thanks!!! Try the book, it's really good!!!

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