Monday, December 6, 2010

♠My Christmas Book Wish List♠

To my friends and family,
Advance Happy Christmas to all of you! This year all I ever want is to get these books as Christmas gifts. Hehehe. So if any of you are kind enough to fulfill any of these wishes, I'll be forever grateful. It sounds like I'm begging on this post. Actually, I am! Please buy these for me! Hehehe. It would be cool to receive books this year. 

I know that these titles are a bit expensive but I do know that Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins and House of Reckoning by John Saul are out on trade paperback already, so they're a lot cheaper. Lies by Michael Grant is only available in hardcover though. :-(


Raíla said...

Really wish I could give you a copy of Hex Hall, but daddy didn't not allow me to spend much money. :( I sincerely hope you can get a copy soon, Rup! You've enjoyed GONE by Michael Grant? It has been recently released in Portuguese, in Brazil... It doesn't sound good to me, though.


Ruperto Prieto Jr. said...

Aw, thanks for even thinking of giving me a copy of Hex Hall Rai! That alone is a huge deal for me. I appreciate the thought, very much. I sure hope I really can get a copy soon! Demonglass is almost upon us! I can imagine your excitement for the book.Lol. Gone is pretty good. I think you should try it. I already posted my review on it. If you're interested just look for it on my review section. Happy Christmas to you and your family!!! GOD bless!

glentot said...

Wow new giveaways, congrats sa maswerteng makakakuha hehehe...

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