Monday, December 13, 2010

♠Book Overview: Senior Year Books 9, 10, & 11♠

The One That Got Away. In this book, Will and Melissa have broken up and Will wants to pursue Jessica and try to be her boyfriend. The problem is that Jessica already has a boyfriend, Jeremy Aames.

Now Will is really sorry for not trusting his feelings and he should have just broken up instantly with Melissa so it wouldn't be too late for him to get Jessica in his life...

The book was okay. So much drama going on, it's nice to read these books coz they're really short and I can finish two in a day...

Broken Angel is all about Angel Desmond and one of my favorite characters in the series, Tia Ramirez. They've been together for ages and now Angel has to go to college and leave Sweet Valley. Tia isn't at all psyched about this. Angel has been her rock of strength, like, forever. They got into a major fight because of Angel's gambling problem. 

This book hits close to my own household. When I was a kid, my father used to gamble and drink a lot. I was really affected by that, he started to spend less time with us and would be grumpy all day. I'm thankful that today, my father is a better man and has moved on from his ugly past.

Take Me On is about Conner McDermott and his family. In this book, his stepfather was asked by their mother to live with them.  His mom was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and needs to spend some time in jail. Conner isn't happy about this, he hates his stepfather for leaving Megan, her half sister, for so long and without even trying to be a father to her.

Conner is a very complex character, he doesn't depend on others to help him with his problems. He wants to solve them on his own, when it clearly shows that he really need someone to assist him.

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