Saturday, December 11, 2010

♠Book Overview: Senior Year Books 6, 7, & 8♠

Your Basic Nightmare is all about Melissa Fox. Her character is very strong and she always get what she wants. You can see on the picture that she's really gorgeous but also there's a hint of mischief in her eyes. She's with her boyfriend Will Simmons and they're a perfect couple. To spice things up, Jessica Wakefield has her eyes on Will and after Melissa learned this, she made sure that Jessica will back off after hearing what she has to say.

I enjoyed the book. I was just really disappointed at Jessica. Her character in this book is somewhat mellow and she doesn't seem to have that "competitive attitude" she always had on Sweet Valley High.

Boy Meets Girl centers around Jessica and Jeremy Aames. After Melissa's rumors about her "bad reputation" with the boys at school, Jessica is still recovering from the issue that has inexplicably enveloped her. She started working at the House of Java, where she met Jeremy Aames. They started to like each other and eventually went out and explore their feelings for one another. 

For me, I think Jeremy is much better than Will. He works to support himself and that shows a strong character.

Maria Who? is all about Maria Slater. Maria is Elizabeth's best friend. Smart, loyal and of course drop dead gorgeous. Hehehe. The story is all about her and her struggle to get noticed by her parents and eventually try to be the best daughter there is. Her sister always gets her parents approval and she wants to top that...

I only have one sister, and sibling rivalry is pretty much out of the question. My parents love us equally and there's no competition whatsoever on our part for their attention.

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