Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cravings #2: Jake Ransom and The Skull King's Shadow by James Rollins

"Book Cravings are  books that I really want to have but can't buy them for now.  Reasons may vary on not having the money to purchase it and sometimes coz it's not available locally. I will post my book cravings every week and tell something about that particular book."

First of all, I'm not being paid by James Rollins to advertise his books. The things that I'm going to say about Jake Ransom is what I really think about the book and James as a writer.

I've read almost all the Sigma Series (except The Doomsday Key, which I'm hoping I would be able to buy at the end of the year, I'm calling to all my friends that this book can also be a Christmas present. Lol) and for me, it's one of the most engaging and one of the best series ever written. James Rollins is a writer with endless possibilities and his imagination and technique will capture any reader who would try and read his works. 

I can still remember the day I learned that James will be releasing a book for Young Adults, I was so excited! It's nothing new to writers to venture on Young Adult markets, for example, James Patterson with his Maximum Ride novels and many others. As a writer, you have all the  possibilities to write anything that you want. And when Jake Ransom and The Skull King's Shadow finally came out, I was a bit disappointed because I know that I won't be able to buy it. It's a bit expensive when you get it in hardcover. Nevertheless, I will keep an eye on this book and maybe one of these days I'll be able to finally read it. :-)

When a mysterious envelope arrives for Jake Ransom, he and his older sister, Kady, are plunged into a gripping chain of events. 

An artifact found by their archeologist parents on the expedition from which they never returned leads Jake and Kady to a strange world inhabited by a peculiar mix of long-lost civilizations, a world that may hold the key to their parents' disappearance-if Jake and Kady can survive long enough to solve the mystery.  

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