Wednesday, September 15, 2010

♠Working Mom♠

Jemellie and Jacob

Today, my sister arrived in Roxas City. She needs to be in a new place for her work. She will be assigned there for a month, and a possible one week extension if necessary.  It's a bit far that's why she can't visit us every week. She have to finish her one month stay in Roxas before she can go home. The hardest thing for her was to leave her son, Jacob, but she has to work right?

I'm going to miss her terribly, I tried to lend her some of my books for her to read but that is just it, we don't share my passion and love for books. Well, I did try to encourage her to read before, I gave her the Harry Potter books to start things off easy...but it was a futile attempt on my part. There's not a single "reading bone" in her body. Hehehe. Cheerz!

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