Friday, September 10, 2010

♠Table for One♠

Hi there! I decided to post a picture of my personal table...I don't know.. I just want to share it with you guys. Actually, this table is  from my friend. He gave it to me to use it for a while.  Hehehe.

This is where I usually do all my "book related stuff". This is the place where I cover my books, where I write my book reviews and where I sometimes read...

This table opens upward, so I can store pencils, writing paper, books, and other stuff underneath it. It's very handy, a table/storage in one. I also have a small cabinet beside my table for extra storage.

I've seen a lot of cool tables, and it would really be great to have one with a built-in lamp on it. Loads of drawers and a tiny bookshelf to boot. Hehehe. That's like my "fantasy table". Cheerz!

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