Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Book To Cherish

Tess Gerritsen
Tess Gerritsen has become one of my favorite authors ever since I've read her book entitled The Surgeon. Having read all her novels (except the  novels of romantic suspense she wrote during her earlier days as a writer, which by the way are very hard to find!) I can truly say that I'm a fan. Today she is one of the most celebrated author in the book industry. Her Rizzoli and Isles TV series is doing great in the ratings and I'm so happy that the books finally made it on television. As a reader, I want to see the characters that I'm reading being portrayed by actors and actresses of top caliber. I think it's also every author's dream to see their characters brought to life on TV or in the big screen. Her latest book is another Rizzoli and Isles thriller entitled ICE COLD, which I was sure a couple of months ago, that I won't be able to read and can't possibly afford...All that change with the help of a friend across many leagues of oceans away...

Books Out Of The Bookshelves
When I started blogging last March of this year. I wasn't quite sure if I can manage a blog full time. I mean, I was really busy way back then looking for a job. But in the end, I kinda enjoyed blogging and before I knew it, I was posting book reviews and articles and I was really loving it! I can share my thoughts about a book to others! But most importantly, I'm doing this for myself... I also learned that there are loads of other bloggers around the world! And I've seen lots of blog sites that are really cool! I was very interested in one particular blogger from Brazil. Her name is Raila Soares and her books are very different from what I'm reading, I find her books refreshing and invigorating. Maybe because she's still young and she prefers YA books. (Of course!) Hehehe. But the funny thing for me is that I like the books that she's reading. The stories are really engaging. 

Me with the book
After sometime, I decided to contact her and introduce myself. I immediately wanted to be friends with her. Her book reviews are just amazing! She is not hesitant when it comes to her views regarding a particular book and that's what I really admire about her. I think it's of prime importance that readers like us, to be honest and fair in terms of our book reviews. I mean, that's what separate each and every one of us. We exchange a couple of messages to get to know each other and I learned one thing that can connect us through reading...Tess Gerritsen. We now share the same enthusiasm regarding this remarkable author. I told her that I've been reading Tess's books when I was still in college and that I've been a fan for many years now. During our messages, I kinda told her that I won't be able to buy the newest book because I can't afford it, I told her I can wait after a year for the paperback to be released, it's much cheaper you see...

Little did I know that she emailed Tess and told my story! I was really shocked she would do anything for me, a total stranger at that time. And then I've learned that she requested a copy of Ice Cold especially for me! I can't believe it!!! I just really can't! And then one day, I received a mail notice that I need to claim a package at the post office. After retrieving the package, I immediately opened it and there in my hands, was a brand new hardbound copy of Ice Cold, with a dedication from Tess Gerritsen herself. Her personal hand writing! I was speechless for a minute, and after the shock wore off I called my sister, my favorite cousin and my parents and told them what has transpired. I was elated during those moments of disbelief. It's always been a dream of mine to receive a book from any of my favorite authors. And it came true... This post is especially dedicated to Tess Gerritsen and Raila Soares. I want you to know how grateful I am for this gift. I appreciate the time you spent for this book to reach me. GOD bless and thanks so much!


Raíla said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH, RUPERTO! That's what I am here for. :-)

Ruperto Prieto Jr. said...

@Raila: God bless and I'll be sending my questions to you next week! You're going to be my first interview regarding books and reading!

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