Monday, September 6, 2010

♠Book of the Week: Wild Justice by Phillip Margolin♠

Book of the Week: September

Title: Wild Justice
Author: Phillip Margolin
Release Date: first published 2000
Pages: Mass Market Paperback, 416 pages  
When a killing field is unearthed in the Oregon woods, it's linked to a Portland surgeon whose increasingly aggressive behavior and explosive temper have already drawn the attention of his colleagues. Neophyte attorney Amanda Jaffe takes second chair to her father, a successful criminal lawyer retained by Dr. Vincent Cardoni when he is charged with multiple counts of murder. The victims have one thing in common: they are missing vital organs, which were clearly harvested by an expert surgeon. In this explosive and fast-paced suspense thriller, the forensic evidence against Cardoni is so convincing that even after his acquittal on a technicality, the reader, like Amanda, is sure of his guilt. And when a similar field of mutilated bodies turns up years later, Cardoni is again the primary suspect. But Cardoni has disappeared, and this time it's his former wife, Justine Castle, who's implicated in the new crimes, and Amanda who's retained as the lead attorney in the case. 

 My very first Philllip Margolin book. If I can remember it right, I bought this at Booksale in Alimall branch. Today, that branch is closed. I don't know what happened to it, it's a pity because that was where I always go to for bargain books...

My Book of the Week post is always a tough one to write, because these are the books that I've read years ago. If I post my book for the week, I just try to remember what I can regarding a certain title. For Wild Justice, I can recall that this book was an average read for me. It was a cat and mouse chase to determine who's the killer. But I cannot deny the fact that Phillip Margolin is a superb writer. I've been meaning to read his Sleeping Beauty novel, but I can't find a copy of it. Will have to look harder...Cheerz!

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