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Review : Eldest by Christopher Paolini

The land of Alagaesia is suffering under the Empire of the wicked Galbatorix, and Eragon and his dragon Saphira, last of the Riders, are the only hope. But Eragon is young and has much to learn, and so he is sent off to the elven forest city of Ellesmera, where he and Saphira are tutored in magic, battle skills, and the ancient language by the wise former Rider Oromis and his elderly dragon Glaedr. Meanwhile, back at Carvahall, Eragon's home, his cousin Roran is the target of a siege by the hideous Ra'zac, and he must lead the villagers on a desperate escape over the mountains. The two narratives move toward a massive battle with the forces of Galbatorix, where Eragon learns a shocking secret about his parentage and commits himself to saving his people.

Finally, it is time for my review on Eldest. I had a hard time reading this book. First of all, I was much in doubt if I really wanted to read it in the first place. After reading Eragon (1st book in the Inheritance Cycle) about 3 years ago, I had some opinions of the book. I can still remember that for me, Eragon, was a bit shallow in terms of its plot and writing. The names of the characters are a bit a stretch for me (names are very important) and I can well compare it to the Lord of the Rings, Shannara Series, A Song of Ice and Fire Series, The Sword of Truth Series and many others, now I've read all these fantastic books and they are really great. Regardless of these drawbacks, I still managed to read Eragon. I just can't really point it out what the book is lacking. Maybe, a little more substance in terms of Christopher's writing, Eragon was okay for a debut novel, but he still need to cultivate his talent.

When I started reading Eldest, I was optimistic about the book. I told myself that maybe Christopher has improved a lot during the years. Not really...*sigh*. Eldest was soooo detailed...I mean when the characters are eating, it has to be told in every way possible. How they cook, how they chew the food...When they're traveling...You get my drift...The progress of the story is at a snail's pace and the story isn't that interesting. I think Christopher should have culled anything that wasn't necessary on the book. There are times that I wanted to set it aside and read something else. But in the end, I finished reading it. I may not read the 3rd book, Brisingr, I am at the end of my tether with the Inheritance Cycle. 

If you love fantasy adventure and magic, try reading The Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind, it will blow you away! Trust me...Cheerz!

My Rating: 3 ½ stars


Rom said...

I liked the film adaptation of the first book of the Inheritance Cycle, Eragon. I hope they will make a film for the second book.

Armand Sedai said...

Come on Rupert. You have to give this writer the credit he deserves. This is the second in his body of works and it's part of a 4-Book series for that matter, considering his young age. The INHERITANCE Cycle is not Fantasy done for adults. I think it lacks maturity, and that's what you're looking for Rupert (hope that answers your question, hahah!) This is something for our young generation of readers & by that virtue alone, I thinks its a remarkable read... I'm thru w/ this book now & I'm looking forward to continuing w/ "Brisingr" & the final volume.

& hey, let's not forget too: ang-GWAPO kaya ni Christopher Paolini (Ahahah! joke)

Ruperto Prieto said...

Hi Armand. thanks for your thoughts. I guess Christopher is a pretty good writer and I hope he'll write a different and a more mature book someday! :-)

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