Friday, August 27, 2010

♠How I Rate A Book♠

Grading/Rating a book is very important. Book bloggers like myself, tends to rely on book ratings that other people bestow on a certain novel. And here is my take on my personal book ratings.

5 Stars: Perfect! In this 5 stars rating, the book for me is impeccable in terms of its story, writing and ending. Everything in the book is just plain good and I would recommend it to everyone.
4 ½ Stars: A Must Read! Books that I would want others to read and then I want them to tell me what they think about the book. Because in this category, for me, the book should be read by others simply because it's a book that you should not miss.
4 Stars: Very Impressive. A book with just the right dosage of keeping the pages turning. Not good, not bad. It's like bittersweet. 
3 ½ Stars: Could've Been Better. In terms of the plot, the story was really okay. But then it became a bore to read in the middle and the end.
3 Stars: Passable. An okay book. No sparks and magic in it.
2 Stars: Poorly Written. This book wasn't able to catch my interest whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

I rate books like - something I connect with - Can You hear the Rooster Crow? is this book.

good motivation, great goals
think about your first day of life.. good book for any age..


Anonymous said...

super books are like Can You Hear The rooster Corw?

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