Monday, August 2, 2010

♠ Book of the Week: The Jester by James Patterson ♠

Book of the Week: August

Title: The Jester
Author: James Patterson
Release Date: February 1st 2004 by Warner Books (first published 2003) 
  Pages: Mass Market Paperback, 493 pages
Characters: Hugh De Luc, Sophie

"Hugh De Luc, a poor innkeeper, returns home from the First Crusade wearied from battle and disillusioned by carnage. After journeying from the Holy Land back to his own small village, he finds his nightmare is just beginning." In his absence, Hugh's son has been killed and his beloved wife, Sophie, abducted by a ruthless duke in search of a priceless relic dating back to the Crucifixion. Taking on the role of a jester, Hugh infiltrates the court where he believes Sophie is held captive. There he confronts men more evil than he ever imagined and embarks on an epic battle to restore his broken life.

Hey there! The Jester was my very first book by James Patterson. After reading this book, I became a James Patterson fan. If you can grab a copy of this novel you won't regret it. The story is really amazing. A compelling read! You won't be sorry. Hehehe. Cheerz!

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