Monday, August 9, 2010

♠Book of the Week:Fault Lines by Ann Rivers Siddons♠

Book of the Week: August
Title: Fault Lines
Author: Ann Rivers Siddons
Release Date: July 1st 1996 by HarperTorch (first published 1995)
  Pages: Mass Market Paperback, 368 pages

Characters: Merrit, Glynn
Throughout her life Merritt has cared for all those around her. When Glynn, her stepdaughter runs away, Merritt follows her but soon decides that she is going to stay in California, where she finds an unexpected love and confronts Glynn before an earthquake strikes.

It may seem that the story of this book is mediocre and typical but I can assure you that Fault Lines is worth your while. I've read this book years ago, I rarely read romance novels, I only prefer books that have really good stories, and for me this one is really special... Cheerz!

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