Thursday, July 29, 2010

♠ The Young Adult In Me ♠

Must Have Books
These are the "Must Have Books" YA ( Young Adult ) books that I find interesting to read. Ever since I started reading, I usually opted for the general fiction category. Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Suspense and Crime, and Adventure titles. I rarely read young adult books. Mainly because the books that are available ( if it covers my budget ) are expensive. Yeah, they are. The books today for YA readers are not on mass market paperback edition. They're a bit bigger than the paperbacks, and they cost more for that. 

When I started blogging, I searched the net for other bloggers, and there I found numerous people who, like me, enjoys reading. I particularly enjoyed a certain blogger in Brazil, I won't mention her name, I haven't asked for her permission yet. Hehehe. She is still young and so very nice. We became friends up to now. But what attracted me most about her, are her book selections, it was very different from what I was reading. As I started to visit her blog regularly, I became aware of the books that she have. And it awakened a new side of me, the reader side of me, I forgot that there are a wide variety of books that I can choose from. And slowly but surely, I was influenced by her. 

During my infamous bookhuntings, I now kept an eye out on the YA books that I've seen on her blog. No such luck so far on that matter, but I'm a patient bookhunter, sooner or later, I will find those darn books, if they're bargained books... Hehehe. Cheerz!

Three years ago, Sophie Mercer discovered that she was a witch.It's gotten her into a few scrapes. Her non-gifted mother has been as supportive as possible, consulting Sophie's estranged father,an elusive European warlock--only when necessary...Read more

On HEX HALL: "When I first read the plot of this book, I immediately wanted to read it. It really captured my interest."

Nothing much happens in the sleepy town of Venus Cove. But everything changes when three angels are sent from heaven to protect the town against the gathering forces of darkness: Gabriel, the warrior; Ivy, the healer; and Bethany, a teenage girl who is the least experienced of the trio...Read more
On HALO: "The book cover is really heavenly, ironic huh? Angels, now...This is really NEW to me. I haven't read a single book about them. The story is quite interesting."


What if you had only one day to live? What would you do? Who would you kiss? And how far would you go to save your own life? Samantha Kingston has it all—looks, popularity, the perfect boyfriend. Friday, February 12th should be just another day in her charmed life. Instead, it’s her last...Read more

On BEFORE I FALL: "The cover of this book is really an artwork...I really love this cover. Applause for the artist!!!  The story is very captivating...Piqued my interest..."

Before Carrie Bradshaw hit the big time in the City, she was a regular girl growing up in the suburbs of Connecticut. How did she turn into one of the most-read social observers of our generation? The Carrie Diaries opens up in Carrie's senior year of high school...Read more
On THE CARRIE DIARIES: "Having seen all the Sex and The City TV episodes, I did once asked myself if there will be a book or tv series regarding Carrie's teen years... And now, The Carrie Diaries will answer all my questions, If ever I can buy this book.. Hehehe."

WHY CAN’T YOU CHOOSE WHAT YOU FORGET . . .  AND WHAT YOU REMEMBER?  There’s a lot Zoey would like to forget. Like how her father has knocked up his twenty-four- year old girlfriend. Like Zoey’s fear that the whole town will find out about her mom’s nervous breakdown. Like darkly handsome bad boy Doug taunting her at school...Read more

On FORGET YOU: "This book is like a movie I've seen before, where the characters can't remember the things they did when they woke up. It's really weird and surreal. That some people actually have experienced that feeling..That's why this book looks really mysterious and I think the ending will really surprise me..."


Raíla said...

Thank you so much for this post, Ruperto! It means A LOT to me. Well, yes, you can mention my name here. :) Those are mostly awesome books, I just haven't read The Carrie Diaries and Halo, but I'm looking forward to it. I hope you can read Hex Hall and God bless you!

Ruperto Prieto Jr. said...

@Raila: Thanks so much! GOD bless!

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