Sunday, July 18, 2010

Review: A Good Yarn by Debbie Macomber

Lydia Hoffman owns the shop on Blossom Street. In the year since it opened, A Good Yarn has thrived — and so has Lydia. A lot of that is due to Brad Goetz. But when Brad's ex-wife reappears, Lydia is suddenly afraid to trust her newfound happiness. Three women join Lydia's newest class. Elise Beaumont, retired and bitterly divorced, learns that her onetime husband is reentering her life. Bethanne Hamlin is facing the fallout from a much more recent divorce. And Courtney Pulanski is a depressed and overweight teenager, whose grandmother's idea of helping her is to drag her to seniors' swim sessions — and to the knitting class at A Good Yarn.

Hey guys! Book review time! Wow, it's been ages since my last book review! I've been busy these past few weeks. First, my grandmother was admitted to the hospital and I spend  5 days over there. After we were discharged from the hospital, my sister gave birth to her first child! And so I went home in Bulacan to see her and I spent 5 days to care for her. And during those times I wasn't able to concentrate on my reading. But now my grandmother is in good shape once again and my sister is almost up and about! Now on to my book review! Remember my review on The Shop On Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber?  I prattled on and on how great the book was and even gave it a perfect 5 stars rating? Well, I wasn't exaggerating, it really was a wonderful book. So good, in fact, that Debbie Macomber's readers wanted more!

ence, A Good Yarn was born, Debbie Macomber did not intend The Shop On Blossom Street to be a series, but gargantuan mail & requests from readers prompted her to write A Good Yarn. I'm deluged with happy thoughts whenever I'm reading a book by Debbie Macomber. I can't explain it! When I read her books, I can't seem to stop until I finish the book. She has this flair for words, maybe she has the gift of the gab or something.

A Good Yarn... Hmmm... How can I put it into writing? The book of course was awesome! Brand new characters are introduced and all of their stories are engaging & interesting.

y favorite character, no doubt would have to be Courtney Pulanski. She is a young girl, a teenager actually. I've read Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cover Series and although there are young characters on the series, they have no lasting spotlight. Unlike Courtney who is a major character and her story is immensely portrayed in A Good Yarn. Struggling to be accepted on her new school. She made friends with Annie and Andrew. She went to a lot of life experiences and learned from them. Bethanne Hamlin is also a new character, recently divorced & have two children, Annie and Andrew. I love Bethannne's character, her husband left her for another woman, but she managed to self-employ herself and started to manage her own business as a party planner. Her journey wasn't easy. She almost went broke and had no way of having a stable future. Elise Beaumont is having a second chance in love as her husband is re-entering her life after a bitter divorce. Love is indeed sweeter the second time around, it really is...

ebbie's ability to knit the lives of these characters together and have them help each other is truly remarkable. The ending was soooo good. I was surprised that things ended beautifully for all the characters.

To wrap it all up, the book was fantastic! I can't wait to read Susanna's Garden next! Five stars for A Good Yarn! Wooo!  Cheerz!

My Rating: 5 stars

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glentot said...

Ang tyaga mo talaga magbasa hehehehe. You should visit Jessica Zafra's blog. Minsan nagpapamigay sya ng books.

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