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Review: The Third Secret by Steve Berry

Vatican City, present day: Papal secretary Father Colin Michener is concerned for the Pope. Night after restless night, Pope Clement XV enters the Vatican’s Riserva, the special archive open only to popes, where the Church’s most clandestine and controversial documents are stored. Though unsure of the details, Michener knows that the Pope’s distress stems from the revelations of Fatima.Equally concerned, but not out of any sense of compassion, is Alberto Cardinal Valendrea, the Vatican’s Secretary of State. Valendrea desperately covets the papacy, having narrowly lost out to Clement at the last conclave. Now the Pope’s interest in Fatima threatens to uncover a shocking ancient truth that Valendrea has kept to himself for many years.When Pope Clement sends Michener to the Romanian highlands, then to a Bosnian holy site, in search of a priest–possibly one of the last people on Earth who knows Mary’s true message–a perilous set of events unfolds. Michener finds himself embroiled in murder, suspicion, suicide, deceit, and his forbidden passion for a beloved woman. In a desperate search for answers, he travels to Pope Clement’s birthplace in Germany, where he learns that the third secret of Fatima may dictate the very fate of the Church–a fate now lying in Michener’s own hands.

My second Steve Berry novel and all I can say is WOW! I never expected this book to be this exceptional. It's way better than the first book I've read entitled, The Amber Room. The Third Secret is full of intrigues and politics. In pursuant of reading this book I've learned so much regarding the political side of the Vatican. Steve Berry managed to inject fiction on the book and the result is pure goodness!

A pope who is obsessed with the Fatima Secret...A priest who is still longing for his love...A cardinal who wants to take over the papacy...And of course, the occasional bad guy who adds spice in the story...In this book, so many unwelcome issues were discussed by the characters. If priests should be allowed to get married and if women should be allowed to be priests too. Now these topics are both controversial and in contrast to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. I enjoyed reading this book, in view of the fact, that the author's story telling was fast-paced and he culled anything that wasn't necessary to the story. He was direct to the point on where the story would go and how it will end.

To wrap it all up, go and get a copy of this book. You won't regret buying it. I, on the other hand will try to buy another title from this fantastic author! Cheers!

My rating: 4 ½ stars


kaye said...

If you liked the Third Secret (which to me, was my least liked among all Steve Berry's novels), I suggest you read the Romanov Prophecy if you still haven't. (This is my first time to drop by your site so I haven't explored and found out for myself what other books you've already read.)

Lately, Steve Berry has been writing books about Cotton Malone who would not be introduced until the Templar Legacy. After Templar, all of his books would be about Cotton Malone. I have all his books at home, which means to say he's also my most favorite author. hehe. I actually prefer him over Dan Brown because he knows how to end his novels and he makes it a point to explain at the end of every story which among those he used in the story are true and which are purely fiction.

Ruperto Prieto Jr. said...

@Kaye: Hi! Thanks for dropping by! You know what, I've been planning on buying all the Cotton Malone books of Steve Berry coz I also enjoy his writing. But I haven't gotten around on hunting for his novels. I will, but right now, I have soooo many books to read. And I just recently purchased two more books. I also have read all of Dan Brown's books and frankly I didn't like The Lost Symbol. And I also think that Steve is way better than Dan. I strongly suggest that you read JAMES ROLLINS. This author will blow you away. He is my favorite, and biased as I may sound. He is better than Steve. Lol.Well, to each his own. Actually, James and Steve are friends and they do book launches together. I even suggested to James Rollins that he and Steve should write a novel featuring their characters Cotton Malone and Gray Pierce.That would be amazing! Thanks again and I hope to hear from you again!

kaye said...

uhmmm...yeah, I know they're friends. haha! But I have yet to read one of Rollins' books. Like you, I still have tons of books to read but haven't gotten around to finishing some of those I have started because of work and the kids.

Hmm...maybe you could give away a Rollins book? I'll be first in line. hehehe.

Ruperto Prieto Jr. said...

@Kaye: Yeah. so many books to read! oh gosh, I can't possibly give them away. Lol. Not Rollins. I've bought half of his books on Booksale and it's cheaper. You won't regret buying one yourself. i hope you do so we can talk about it. :-)

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