Friday, May 14, 2010

Review: Pay It Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde

The hero of her story is young Trevor McKinney, a 12-year-old whose imagination is sparked by an extra-credit assignment in Social Studies: "Think of an idea for world change, and put it into action." Trevor's idea is deceptively simple: do a good deed for three people, and in exchange, ask each of them to "pay it forward" to three more. "So nine people get helped. Then those people have to do twenty-seven.... Then it sort of spreads out." Trevor's early attempts to get his project off the ground seem to end in failure: a junkie he befriends ends up back in jail; an elderly woman whose garden he tends dies unexpectedly. But even after the boy has given up on his plan, his acts of kindness bear unexpected fruit, and soon an entire movement is underway and spreading across America.--courtesy of Amazon


I've seen the movie and now I've read the book.  I must say that the book again is far much better than the movie. Kevin Spacey's character on the book is a black person.  On the movie his name and skin color was changed, I guess maybe to give a whole new dimension to the movie. They did a lot of changes on the movie. That is why the book is more precise than the movies. I always prefer the books rather than the movie versions.  But it's fun to see the characters "brought to life" once in a while.

Catherine's writing style for me is very powerful. She delves into the deepest emotions of her characters. I love Trevor tremendously, he is the kind of boy any parents would want to have. Kind, caring, sincere and very generous to other people. I was somewhat annoyed at Trevor's mother, Arlene. At first it was so hard for her to trust people she doesn't know, but sure, any of us would be like that. But her son was very open to people he doesn't even know. A total stranger. That's what I think the story is all about. Being kind to others and not thinking of having to get something from a certain person you helped out. To wrap it all up, this book is moving and inspiring. Cheerz!

My rating: 4 Stars

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mjomesa said...

seen the movie..

it was nice.

but the book...hmm..been hoping to find a copy.

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