Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Review: The Bone Vault by Linda Fairstein

Assistant DA Alexandra Cooper, off duty for the evening, observes the developing tensions with bemused interest until Met director Pierre Thibodaux pulls her aside. He needs her advice. There's an urgent problem out at a loading dock on a New Jersey pier. A Twelfth Dynasty mummified princess, enclosed for eternity in a huge stone sarcophagus, is about to take a long voyage to Cairo as part of a routine museum exchange. But Cleopatra is missing, and in her place is the not-so-mummified body of a woman many centuries younger than her royal predecessor. Who is this woman with the small physique, the dark hair, and the shiny barrette? What is her connection, if any, to the rarefied world of priceless art and objects? And how and when did she become entombed in the sarcophagus? Teaming with cops Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace, Alex must explore behind the scenes at the elegant but severe Metropolitan, traveluptown to the remote setting of the Cloisters and its medieval trove of funerary art, and on to the massive array of beasts and bones at the Museum of Natural History. Somewhere deep within the bowels of one of these great cultural centers, a killer may wait.
Hey guys! My latest book review today is The Bone Vault by Linda Fairstein.  Of course, I got this book on sale. Hehehe. It has a few creases and the pages are a bit yellowish, regardless of those flaws the book is in very good reading condition.  I haven't read any of Linda Fairstein's novels and this is my very first book from her.

When I read the synopsis of the book, I learned that this book is an on-going series. Her heroine, who is featured on all her books, is a sex-prosecutor named Alexandra Cooper.  I was a bit reluctant if I was going to buy this book.  I mean, another series?  If I like this one, then I'll have to look for her other titles as well!  And that's a bit of a problem, since not all her books are on sale and easy to find.  But in the end, I bought it.  I wouldn't let an interesting story pass me by.  I can really say that I'm a Bookaholic...So much like Becky Bloomwood on Confessions of a Shopaholic. Hehehe.. I should avoid bookstores like.. that's going to happen!  :-)

The Bone Vault was a quick and easy read.  Alexandra's character is this feisty but lovable heroine. I guess Alexandra is Linda Fairstein. Since Linda was a former prosecutor herself. In this book, I've learned loads of informations regarding museum properties, ancient relics, lost civilizations and their culture. The book was very informative and knowledgeable.  The beauty of this book, is that Linda incorporates murder cases with general informations regarding her previous work as a prosecutor. The plot is very well-written and you'd be guessing who the culprit is and that's the goodness of this book.  You think that you knew the killer's identity, and then Linda will prove you wrong.  I was surprised at the ending, I never imagined that the killer will be that person.  I love stories like this!  It makes me want to read the book with intensity and excitement.. To wrap it all up, I'm going to look for her other books! And I'm adding her to my favorite authors list! Cheerz!

My Rating: 4 stars

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mjomesa said...

wow..kinareer mo na talaga..wahehe

di ako talaga familiar with the authors na nasa blog mo..

yung iba lang..tinatamad din ako magbasa..

sketch at poetry muna me

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