Sunday, May 23, 2010

In My Mailbox #6: The Blossom Street Series

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Good day! Here are my newest bargain purchases, uhmmm..I mean, my new book purchases. Hehehe. Ever since I've read Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove Series (Books 1 to 10) she became one of my favorite authors. And now, I'm ready to go back to her wonderful new characters in this  new series. The Blossom Street Series. I really like books with characters that are developing and growing as each book is told by the author. It's like watching a soap opera, but so much better...Hehehe...

Book 1. The Shop on Blossom Street- Have this one and the first on the series.

Book 2. A Good Yarn-Found this underneath a pile of old books in a bookstore, minor creases and already an old copy, but still in very good reading condition.

Stand-Alone Book. Christmas Letters-On Debbie's website, it belongs to the series but it entirely stands at its own but still connected to the Blossom Street Series. I'm having a hardtime looking for this book, maybe because Christmas is not yet here. Hehehe.

Book 3. Susannah's Garden-Don't have this one yet also. Still looking...

Book 4. Back on Blossom Street-Have this one.

Book 5. Twenty Wishes-This was the first book that I bought in the entire series for a very cheap price, the cheapest of the lot!

Book 6. Summer on Blosssom Street-This book just came out on paperback last April 29, on my birthday. Hehehe. But still, I haven't found a copy yet...

Book 7. Hannah's List-This is the latest release from the series. And I still have to wait for another year to have this one. It has to be on paperback, you see, I can't possibly afford to buy the hardcover edition.  A bit expensive.. It so happens that the publisher will release the book on hardcover first then after a year or 6 months,then and only then will the paperback be available...A long wait for me...  :-(

To wrap it all up, I still need 4 books to complete the series.. I'm hoping to get them all at a low price! Wish me the best of luck! Cheerz!

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glentot said...

Ang tyaga mo sa book hunting, and malamang ang tyaga mo rin basahin lahat hehehe

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