Sunday, April 4, 2010

♠ Mahalin Natin ang Isat'-Isa ♠

All those who say they love the Lord, but don’t love one another should question the relationship they have with God the Father. 
To show your love for God, share your love with others.

Pride, hatred, jealousy, selfishness, and ego. GOD is nothing like these descriptions.  It is very hard for us to love someone who wronged us. In my family, situations like this happens. And I guess some of you also experienced this. It's sad to know that people can be so headstrong and narrow-minded. Instead of solving the current problem head on, they tend to ignore and continue their lives without fixing the root of this misunderstanding. I know I'm not a saint, since I myself do things that isn't pleasing to GOD. We all make mistakes and whenever we do, let us pray to GOD for forgiveness, guidance, and the right direction. 

Bukas, Lunes, back to normal na lahat. Well, sa mga tao na may mga trabaho na naiwan, mga business na isinara for the meantime and mga people who went out of the city para magbakasyon. Mga pinsan ko, yung iba paluwas na ngayon. Sana di kayo ma-traffic! And sana nakapag-reflect tayong lahat.That's the most important part of all these days na wala tayong ginawa.

Happy Easter Sunday and GOD bless us all!

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