Thursday, April 15, 2010

Review: The Jester by James Patterson and Andrew Gross

You are about to begin the most thrilling James Patterson novel yet. Hugh De Luc returns from the Crusades to discover that his terrifying nightmare has just begun. Merciless killers have slain his young son, kidnapped his wife, Sophie, and destroyed his town in their search for a priceless relic from the Crucifixion. Hugh's quest to find Sophie is one of the most pulse-pounding adventures, mysteries, and unforgettable love stories in all of thriller fiction.

Hey there! I haven't posted a book review for a very long time. My my time flies! I was quite busy organizing my blog. The birth of this blog started to happen when my friend told me that I should write reviews of all the books I've managed to collect over the past years. I asked him what would be the best way? Post my reviews on I surmised that you can only post a review on their website if you actually bought something from them. And I haven't purchased anything! Bakit ako mag-aamazon may mga booksale naman dito! Lol. If I'm looking for a particular book to buy naman,  I often read reviews first from customers who have read the books na. Just to give me some idea of what they think about the book. Then if ok mga reviews, I will buy the book. Kasi sometimes, it really helps talaga if nabasa na ng ibang tao yung book na gusto ko. Minsan, talagang the book is not good, pero mas madalas na kapag madami yung positive reviews the book really is a gem! And looking for a great book is like finding a needle in a haystack! Hehehe. 

The Jester ang first book na nabasa ko by James Patterson. Karen lend this book to me. It wasn't hers din. Sa relative ko yung book na ito. Sila din yung same relative that lend me all the books in their mini-library. Hehehe. On to the book, the book is about Hugh de Luc. A simple townsfolk, he was living peacefully in a small village together with his wife and their child. One day, a group of men came to their village looking for a relic and butchered many of his people and killed his wife and child. Of course, he wanted revenge, James ability to describe the scenes in this book is astounding. I was hooked instantly. The story was very well written. The journey of Hugh wasn't that simple. He disguised himself as a jester to get inside the castle and infiltrate it.  Eventually, he was successful in his mission and James Patterson will surprise the readers towards the end of the book. The hard thing for me, is that I've read this book years ago. Hehehe. Kaya hindi ko gaano mai-describe in detail. Pero one thing is for sure. This book is very entertaining. Highly recommended! Cheerz!

My Rating: 5 stars 

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