Friday, April 9, 2010

♠ Karen and Kraken ♠

Last Wednesday, I went to see the movie, The Clash of the Titans. I was so looking forward sa movie na ito. Ever since na naging super fan ako ng The Lord of the Rings, I'm always drawn to this kind of movie. Yung merong mga hero, a princess, soldiers, monsters and quests that needs to be done! Di ba may parang kasabihan na it's not the destination that's important, it's the journey. Siguro yun nga talaga ang mas importante, hehehe. Ewan. Kasi before you reach your destination, so many obstacles pa ang madadaanan mo.  My cousin Karen gave me money for the movie. I was telling her on how I would want to see the movie and like an answered prayer, she granted my wish. I love her!!! I'm a charity case these days. No work pa eh.

Having said that, the Clash of the Titans is like a journey with so many twists and turns. Ako, personally, nagustuhan ko ang movie. Sam Worthington played the part of Perseus convincingly. When he started out sa Terminator, napansin ko na agad na parang siya ang bida and not Christian Bale. Then sa Avatar he proved that he really is one of the most sought out actors in Hollywood. And the part of Perseus really suited him well. He was every inch a warrior. Siguro one thing lang ang lacking sa movie. Yung action hehehe. Yung mga action sequences hindi gaano madami. Mga three lang yata yung talagang bakbakan. When they fought with the scorpions in the desert, the appearance of the Kraken in the shores of Argos and the battle between Medusa and Perseus. These fight sequences are all executed very well. Parang that's it. Pero even if minimal lang ang action, I think you should still see the movie. The armors, swords, the computerized sceneries, the costumes and special effects adds more entertainment as a whole. Go and see the movie! Cheers!

My Rating: 7 out of 10 stars


Anonymous said...

I will watch this film definitely especially with Sam Worthington as the lead cast, I'm a big of his movies :-)

Ruperto V. Prieto Jr. said...

thanks but who is this please?

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