Friday, April 23, 2010

♠ Books to Reckon ♠

Good day to all! I just thought of something I haven't done in a while, a complete list of all the authors and their respective novels that I've read. This is going to be fun for me! Well, that depends if I can still recall all of those innumerable books! I've been having temporary memory loss these days haha.  That's why I'm taking it one day at a time. But first, I have to make a list of my top 15 authors and here they are:

My Top 15 Authors:

01. J.R.R. Tolkien   [ The Lord of the Rings]
02. J.K. Rowling    [Harry Potter ]
03. Debbie Macomber  [Cedar Cove Series]
04. Tess Gerritsen   [Maura Isles and Jane Rizzoli Series]
05. James Rollins  [SIGMA Series]
06. John Saul   [ The Blackstone Chronicles]
07. Terry Brooks  [Shannara Series]
08. James Patterson  [Alex Cross Series, Women's Murder Club]
09. LaVyrle Spencer   [ Romance Novels]
10. G.R.R. Martin   [A Song of Fire and  Ice Series]
11. Faye Kellerman  [Rina Lazarus and  Peter Decker Series]
12. Terry Goodkind  [Sword of Truth]
13. Jonathan Kellerman  [Alex Delaware Series]
14. John Grisham  [Courtroom Drama]
15. Dan Brown  [Robert Langdon Series]

I'm also including authors that is not on my Top 15 list. Cheerz! 


mjomesa said...

ilan lang ata yung alam ko jan.


anyway, mine will be:

1. God (Bible)-Paepal lang.
2. grisham
3. brown
4. ludlum
5. crichton
6. gaarder
7. patterson
8. zafra, the bitch
9. bob ong, son of a bitch
10. me, the fairest of them all


Raíla said...

Aw, thanks Ruperto! You are doing great with your blog, too! It's adorable. I love Tess Gerritsen, Dan Brown and J. K. Rolling! :-)

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