Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In My Mailbox #1: Bargain Madness!

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Yesterday, I went out to do some errands and everytime na lumalabas ako,  syempre I always drop by sa mga bookstores. Yung iba sa ukay-ukay nag-hahalungkat, ung iba sa mga sale na damit. Ako sa mga books na mga sale! So many times I've purchased titles that are discounted. And take note, the books are almost in pristine condition. Tiyaga lang need to find a book na talagang good condition pa.

Would you believe that  I only paid for these two books for only P50? Hehehe. Yap, you read it right, P50. Hehehe. I grabbed the books immediately, fearing that someone might catch the price tags on them. Very good condition pa ang mga books na ito! Sayang, I wish I started this blog earlier so I can chronicle or record all the books that I bought for the past 12 years hehehe. Oops... I almost forgot, that troll is me. I mean, the troll version of me. Hehe. You'll be seeing him whenever I'm going to post my new book purchases! I decided to take the actual photo of the books baka sabihin nyo I'm fake at di totoo mga books ko hehehe. Just kidding.  Good day! GOD bless us all!

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LHeNie said...

a cheap price but i guess a good book for you to treasure! that's great my friend.., at last i have this time to visit you blog site and make a comment as well.., keep it up my friend and my long lost classmate!..,^_^

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